FCC Terrorism

fcc not listeningDear Senator Cornyn and Senator Hutchison,

Free speech is the most basic element of democracy. Diversity of opinion is the crucible by which ideas are measured. A free press is one protected even when the speech is not agreeable. In the absence of diversity, bad ideas are never challenged. There is no democracy without free speech. 

I am horrified by the repeated attempts of the FCC to lift media ownership limits. It is happening again! The FCC has become an enemy of the people. Our own trustees have betrayed us. Consolidation of media resources dilutes opinion and shouts down diversity.

Through this aggregation and consolidation, free speech is violated and democracy is compromised. This is nothing but open warfare against our democracy by corporate, for-profit, for-power interests.

The very fact that NONE of the mainstream media is covering the FCC actions is an incitement to the severity of the issue. And why would the mainstream media report this attack? They are sponsoring the action. This country is not by the corporation and for the corporation!

Now some might spin media consolidation as good for free speech. This is simply double-speak.

If Jefferson or Madison did not have the ability to project their voice (through the media) their differences of opinion would never have resulted in our great nation.

A whisper can change the world, but it must still be heard. The megaphone shouting that results from media consolidation drowns out the whispers of the people. It is no less than corporate propaganda.

Even if you don’t agree with me on the basis of free speech, please consider the effects that media consolidation has on the over all quality of what is presented.

  • Media consolidation results in content that is targeted at the lowest common denominator.
  • Media consolidation is a large part of the de-intellectualization of America.
  • Media consolidation is not concerned with values…it’s concerned with profits. The standard for entertainment becomes base and barbaric.

At what point will ultimate fighting become “pay-per-view” tickets to criminal executions? Perhaps you believe public executions would be a good thing? Without free speech, an informed debate can not happen.

If the media is consolidated, they will decide public opinion.

This should speak to your moral center. Alternatively, it might speak to your political heart. If you want to protect your values and the voice you need to communicate those values, you must struggle against media consolidation.

The FCC should be lowering media ownership caps not raising them.

Money, power, profit, greed...these are the virtues that you support if you do nothing to stop and reverse media consolidation. If you remain idle on this issue, you will become part of the problem.

If you do not put a stop to this erosion of the Constitution, you will violate your oath and become an enemy of the people. You toss around talking points about the War on Terror... The worst form of terrorism can emerge within our own government.

The worst form of terrorism can emerge from your office.

  • Please don't join with the corporate terrorists that would undermine our great nation.
  • Please don't side with media moguls that seek to exploit Americans.
  • Please don't let your patriotism be bought by corporate interests.

It should be noted that of the countries the United States of America criticizes, 100% of them lack a free press.

Ultimately, information will be free. Ultimately, the people will see the truth.

What it means to be a Republican has been thoroughly corrupted by the Bush Administration and insane influences by religious extremists. Republicans now represent all that is wrong with America.

  • God isn't going to prevent media consolidation.
  • God isn't going to protect free speech.
  • God isn't going to preserve our life, liberty, or pursuit of happiness.

And if you disagree, then we truly are damned.

Your remit is scoped by the Constitution and backed by "We the people."

  • You must defend against media consolidation.
  • You must protect free speech.
  • You must preserve our liberty.

Only you can do these things...and the people need you.

We the people need you to stand strong against media consolidation.

What is most sad is that you, Senator, will probably never see this letter...because of media consolidation... the media consolidation that happens right in your office.


Richard A. Wermske
Citizen and Voter

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