NORAD Move Raises Security Concerns

noradBefore I even get started with this post, I'm going to editorialize with a sub-title:
WTF's Going on with Cheyenne Mountain?
There is just somthing about this news that strikes me as disturbing.

North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), the high-tech facility responsible for monitoring the skies over North America, faces continuing security problems at its new location inside an office building on an air base in Colorado Springs.

An internal document summarizing a recent security evaluation "recommends implementing difficult and costly retrofits and new construction to correct numerous physical vulnerabilities" to the building on Peterson Air Force Base. The building houses the NORAD. The commander of NORAD/Northern Command says NORAD is spending up to $5 million to update security against electromagnetic attack at its new headquarters on Peterson Air Force Base. Last year, the military completed a move of NORAD from a nuclear-hardened bunker burrowed into nearby Cheyenne Mountain to the basement of Building No. 2 at Peterson AF.


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