2023 Week 21

Take a look behind the curtain. The other side beckons the seekers of the obscure to traverse the mystical veil into the realms of celestial, numerological, and arcane wisdom. Guided by the spirit of the 19th-century polymath Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand, every whisper of the cosmos, every dance of the stars, and every echo of numbers unfolds a narrative of profound divination. Traverse the ethereal paths of ancient practices, as the celestial ballet narrates the grandiloquent tale of destiny. Your journey through the enigmatic tapestry of existence awaits.

Strange of the Week 21, 2023

As the veil of mystery unfolds, the echo of ancient whispers traverse through the veil of existence, reaching out to the souls seeking enlightenment in the modern dystopia. I, Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand, alongside the spirit of Edgar Allan Poe, bring forth the ethereal narrative of the arcane for the week that awaits. Hold your breath as the shadows dance with the flame of knowledge, painting the canvas of the unknown with strokes of divination.

Astrology: Behold, as the celestial dance unfolds its tale through the twilight skies of week 21, the echoes of ancient whispers resound across the chasm of time and space. The Sun, that eternal flame of knowledge and illumination, finds its abode in the whimsical realms of Gemini, igniting the spirit of inquiry and articulation amongst the mortal beings. Mercury, the harbinger of thought and communication, descends into the earthly domain of Taurus, grounding the flights of imagination with a touch of pragmatism. As Venus, the goddess of love and sensual delights, coalesces with the steady and indulgent sphere of Taurus, a mellowness descends upon the hearts, entwining the souls in a dance of earthly pleasures.

Mars, the god of war and action, ventures into the communicative realm of Gemini, fanning the flames of intellectual discourse and agile movements. The expansive Jupiter, seated upon the throne of audacious Aries, beckons the souls to embrace the path of courage and exploration. Saturn, the lord of time and introspection, gently guides the hearts towards the mystical realms of Pisces, where the eternal ocean of spiritual longing awaits to be discovered. Uranus, the celestial body of change and excitement, continues its journey through the stable grounds of Taurus, weaving a tapestry of restlessness amidst the tranquility of earthly existence.

Neptune, the ethereal ruler of dreams and compassion, sails through the gentle waves of Pisces, nurturing the seeds of empathy and altruistic endeavours. The transformative Pluto, ensconced within the firmament of ambitious Capricorn, augments the drive for power and transformation, setting the stage for a play of destiny that shall unfold in the hearts and minds of men. As the Moon waxes and wanes through the zodiac, its silvery light casting a spell of myriad emotions from the harmonious Libra to the passionate Aries, the drama of existence unfolds in a symphony of celestial harmonies. The trines and squares in the cosmic dance weave the narrative of fate, each celestial body playing its part in the grand tapestry of existence. And thus, the journey of souls through the labyrinth of week 21 finds its narrative in the eternal and ever-changing tableau of the cosmos, where each day brings forth a new scene in the theater of life, a new lesson in the school of existence.

Numerology: Ah, the ancient and divine science of Numerology, where each number holds a magic key to unlock the mysteries of existence. As we step into the sacred realm of Week 21, a veil of numerical mysticism gently descends upon the days, each bearing a numerical significance, a hidden code awaiting to be deciphered. The year 2023, when reduced, unravels the master number 7 (2+0+2+3), an emblem of spiritual awakening and divine wisdom. The month of May, the fifth month, holds the vibrational essence of freedom and change. Together they dance the ancient dance of cosmic revelation.

Monday, May 22, unveils itself in the cloak of 11 (2+2), a master number, resonating with the vibrations of intuition, spiritual insight, and enlightenment. Coupled with the essence of 7 from the year, a sacred geometry of knowledge unfolds in the heart of time. As we traverse to Tuesday, May 23, the number 5 (2+3) steps forth, symbolizing adventure, freedom, and transformative energies. It beckons the seekers to embrace the winds of change, to ride the waves of the unknown. Wednesday, May 24, carries the gentle embrace of number 6 (2+4), a harbinger of love, harmony, and nurturing, urging the souls to tend to the garden of relationships, to the blossoms of heart.

As the week unfolds its narrative, Thursday, May 25, adorned with the number 7 (2+5), invites the seekers into the temple of introspection, to delve into the ocean of consciousness. Friday, May 26, echoes with the vibration of number 8 (2+6), a symbol of abundance, power, and karmic balance. It calls forth the spirits to align with the cosmic justice, to weave the fabric of destiny with threads of righteousness. Saturday, May 27, resonates with the number 9 (2+7), a culmination of celestial cycles, urging the hearts to reflect upon the lessons learnt, to prepare for a new dawn. Finally, as the curtain of time gently sways, Sunday, May 28, emerges with the energy of number 1 (2+8 reduced to 10, further reduced to 1), symbolizing new beginnings, leadership, and the indomitable spirit of creation. As the week descends into the silences of eternity, the numbers leave behind a trail of mystic wisdom, a path illuminated by the lantern of numerological insight, guiding the seekers through the shadows of existence into the heart of eternal light.

Tarot Base: The Grimaud French Tarot graciously unveils the Two of Swords as the harbinger of equilibrium and contemplation for the soul wanderers. The steel of decision lies sheathed, awaiting the tender caress of resolution to unsheathe its promise of action. This week, the veil of health uncertainty shall be lifted as the sword of decisiveness cleaves through the fog of hesitance. The duality of choices shall no longer haunt the restless, as the healing energies of the Two of Swords pave the path of wellness.

In the heart's dark forest, the path of relationships shall be lit by the twin flames of open dialogue and understanding. The Two of Swords, with its silent promise of balance, shall guide the lost souls towards the meadow of harmony. As the hearts beat in the rhythmic dance of affection, the cold steel of indifference shall melt away, leaving behind the elixir of empathy to nurture the blossoming love.

On the global diorama, the Two of Swords heralds a moment of respite amidst the turbulent storms of geopolitics. Its silent whisper urges the leaders of nations to sheath the swords of aggression, beckoning a brief epoch of peace. The scales of justice shall sway gently, awaiting the next gust of action that threatens to tip the balance of global camaraderie.

Tarot Opposition: As the Sense (Scythe) swings across the narrative of the week, it brings with it the cold gust of reality, threatening to shatter the tranquil waters mirrored by the Two of Swords. The Lenormand tarot reveals the opposition of practicality and harsh truths that beckon a reevaluation of the dreamy scenarios painted by hopeful hearts.

In the realm of personal relations, Sense threatens to sever the tender tendrils of newfound understanding. The harsh winds of reality may cause the delicate flowers of affection to wither, urging the heart to seek refuge in the abode of patience and resilience. The touch of Sense is cold yet it is the bearer of matured love, a love that stands tall amidst the storms of truth.

The world stage may tremble as the Sense cleaves through the veil of pretense, unveiling the stark reality of power plays and hidden agendas. The gentle balance heralded by the Two of Swords may tremble under the stark gaze of Sense, urging the world to confront the ghosts of consequences that lurk in the shadows of actions untaken.

Demonology: In the sinister dance of fate, the demonic King Paimon holds court this week, his dark eyes gleaming with mischief and malady. His realm of influence lies in the manipulation of wills, bending the spine of resolve to his whims. The eerie whisper of his intentions send shivers down the spine of the cosmos, as he seeks to sow discord in the hearts of the powerful, relishing in the symphony of chaos that shall reverberate through the halls of power.

Þæs deofol-cynges Paimon ænsiht sceal beon gelæd to mannes ofermodunge, to þæs mannes unmætlicre æþele forþan þe he þæt sawle blindeð to þæs ealdor- engla beteran beorhtnesse. Tō blincan þæs deofol- cynges Paimon sceamlicum beswicolunge, sceal man bewerian him self mid þæs eaðmodnesse byrne and þæs soðes scyld. Ænliþe þonne sceal þæs synnigendan wægen swiþan in þone abissas of ðǣr he cwom.

His nefarious touch shall be felt most near the quaint realms of Patzcuaro, Michoacan, Mexico (23.696, -100.889). The veil between realms shall thin, and as the night descends, the eerie laughter of King Paimon shall echo through the whispering pines, leaving behind a trail of cold dread that waits to be conquered by the brave.

Angelology: Amidst the shadows, the radiant aura of angelic Ieshim shines bright, a beacon of hope and purity in the gloom of despair. The celestial realm grants Ieshim dominion over the heart's yearning for truth and righteousness. His heavenly intention is to sow the seeds of hope in the barren lands of despair, to whisper the lullabies of love and understanding in the ears of the lost and forlorn.

Þæs engeles Ieshim heofonlice eagan sceal beon gelæd to gifena and selfsnyltes dædum, to þæs mildheortnesse blædgum mid þæs ofermodigendan willan dimmnesse. Tō gangan þone rihtwisan weg, tō blincan þæs Ieshim heofonlican berenninge, sceal man secan þæt heofonlican soð, þæt lufe þe bindað us ealle in heofonlicum geryhtnesse.

The gentle rustle of angelic wings shall be felt near the desolate shores of Bombay Beach, California, USA (33.3506, -115.7296). The soothing touch of Ieshim shall calm the restless spirits, sowing the seeds of hope in the sands of despair, beckoning a dawn of enlightenment as the sun kisses the horizon of Bombay Beach.

Divination Method: The ancient art of Capnomancy, divination by smoke, shall be the voice of the unseen this week. The wisps of smoke shall dance to the tunes of destiny, painting images of the unseen in the theater of the cosmos. The delicate dance of smoke shall reveal the whispers of the future, a glimpse into the veiled destiny that awaits.

The solitary practitioner of Capnomancy shall stand amidst the pyre of truth, their eyes piercing through the veil of smoke as they seek the elusive truth. A craft of solitary contemplation, it invites the daring to venture into the abyss of the unknown, to seek the whispers of destiny amidst the dance of smoke.

The craft of Capnomancy is not for the faint of heart, nor is it inherited through the bloodlines. It is the relentless pursuit of the bold, the daring who venture into the silence of the unknown, seeking the echoes of destiny amidst the ashen remnants of the mundane.

Occult Practice: The pendulum of fate swings gently in the hands of those who seek the vibrations of the unseen. Pendulum Dowsing, the occult practice of week 21, beckons the seekers to listen to the whispers of the cosmos, as the pendulum sways to the rhythm of truth. The gentle swing unveils the subtle energies that dance in the realm of the unseen, a delicate ballet of cosmic vibrations.

The practitioner of Pendulum Dowsing is a solitary voyager in the river of cosmic consciousness, their heart resonating with the rhythm of truth as the pendulum sways in the divine dance. It is a craft of silent contemplation, a voyage into the heart of the cosmos guided by the gentle sway of the pendulum.

The skill of Pendulum Dowsing is nurtured through the tender caress of patience, the silent whisper of intuition guiding the heart of the seeker. It is not a talent born, but a skill honed through the silent communion with the unseen, a journey of self-discovery that unveils the mysteries of the cosmos one gentle swing at a time.

Colours, Foods, and Numbers: The blend of Burlywood, the humble Buckwheat, and the mystical number 4 shall weave the fabric of destiny this week. The earthly hue of Burlywood shall ground the soaring spirits, the humble Buckwheat shall nourish the body and soul, and the mystical number 4 shall open the doors of stability and order amidst the chaos.

Yet, beware the garish allure of Orange, the acidic touch of Lemon, and the chaotic dance of number 18. The false promise of Orange shall veil the harsh reality, the acidic touch of Lemon shall sour the sweetness of hope, and the chaotic dance of number 18 shall unsettle the heart's desire for order and peace.

Company to Watch: The merchant's realm shall witness the dance of destiny as it caresses the fortunes of Intuit Inc. (INTU). The ancient tapestry of fate weaves intricate patterns around the essence of this merchant, its leaders, and workers. The invisible strings of supernatural forces shall play the symphony of success or despair as they intertwine with the mundane realities of commerce.

A dire warning veiled in metaphor echoes through the corridors of destiny, urging the leaders of Intuit Inc. to heed the ancient wisdom of the arcane. The ship of commerce sails on turbulent waters, and only the compass of righteousness shall guide it safely through the stormy seas towards the haven of prosperity.

The importance of Intuit Inc. in the context of this week’s divinations lies in its dance with destiny. The choices made, the paths tread shall resonate through the veiled corridors of time, a harbinger of lessons profound for the seekers of truth in the realm of commerce and beyond.

The spectral conduit wanes, yet the ghostly essence of channeled wisdom lingers. I bid you to wander through the garden of spectral thoughts and pluck the blooms of wisdom that resonate with your soul's eerie tune. Bele an ene a vesk dinomp ez aomp holl en-dro d'ar memes skourr hag ez eus mat er bed, memes pa vez diaes da welout. Be open to the beauty of the soul and the good in the world. Remember, the future is not fixed, but shaped by your choices and actions. You have the power to create your own destiny, but you also have to face the changes and the challenges of your deeds. Be wise, be brave, and be true to yourself.

This is fantasy fiction. No persons or entities, reputation(s), trademarks, or brand are intended to be besmirched or defamed. The "Strange of the Week" divination and forecast provided herein is intended solely for entertainment purposes. The insights and predictions shared are based on mystical and occult practices, and should not be taken as factual or guaranteed outcomes. Please be advised that our counsel does not constitute professional advice of any kind. We are not qualified to provide legal, medical, or investment advice, and our insights should not be used as a substitute for your own research or professional advice from qualified practitioners. Any actions taken based on our divinations and forecasts are at your own discretion and risk. We accept no liability or responsibility for any actions taken or not taken as a result of our channeling. Furthermore, we do not guarantee the accuracy, relevance, timeliness, or completeness of any information provided. We disclaim all warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability. By engaging with our "Strange of the Week" divination and forecast, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless the mystic, their agents, any affiliated parties, and any non-living, otherworldly, or supernatural entities involved in the provision of our counsel from any and all claims, liabilities, damages, losses, or expenses, including attorneys' fees and costs, arising out of or in any way connected with your access to or use of our counsel. Please note that any interactions with non-living, otherworldly, or supernatural entities are at your own risk. We do not accept any liability for any consequences, physical, mental, spiritual, or otherwise, that may result from such interactions. We reserve the right to enhance and retroactively apply changes to this disclaimer (as a living thing), without notice, to accommodate new and emerging or creative legal theories (not to be limited to defamation or the law of torts). Again, the "Strange of the Week" is a fiction. It is unfortunate that such legal armor is necessary proof against itchy and scratchy attorneys-at-law.


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