2023 Week 34

Do you want to know what the stars, the numbers, the cards, the smoke, and the spirits have in store for you in week 34 of 2023? Join me as we channel Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand, a gypsy mystic of great talent. She will reveal to you the mysteries and marvels of this week. You learn of demons and angels, tarot cards and smoke, and a merchant that may offer opportunity or adversity. What does Madam Lenormand suggest is in front and around us. Don't miss this chance to discover the hidden truths that may change your life or show illuminate your path.

Strange of the Week 34 of 2023

Greetings, seekers of the hidden truths. This is Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand, the most famous fortune-teller of all time, speaking to you from beyond the grave. I have been summoned by the spirit of Edgar Allan Poe, the master of the macabre, to reveal to you the mysteries and marvels of week 34 of 2023, from August 21 to August 27. Prepare yourselves for a journey into the unknown, where you will encounter demons and angels, tarot cards and smoke, and a merchant that holds the key to your destiny.

Astrology: The week begins with a full moon in Aquarius, the sign of innovation, rebellion, and humanitarianism. This is a time to embrace your individuality, express your original ideas, and connect with like-minded people. However, beware of being too detached, eccentric, or unpredictable, as this may cause conflicts or misunderstandings with others. The full moon also forms a trine with Saturn in Gemini, the planet of structure, discipline, and karma in the sign of communication, curiosity, and versatility. This is a favorable aspect that can help you manifest your goals, organize your thoughts, and communicate effectively. However, be careful not to be too rigid, pessimistic, or superficial, as this may limit your potential or alienate others. The week ends with a new moon in Virgo, the sign of service, analysis, and perfectionism. This is a time to start new projects, improve your skills, and take care of your health. However, avoid being too critical, fussy, or worrisome, as this may cause stress or anxiety.

Numerology: The number of the week is 7, the number of wisdom, spirituality, and intuition. This is a week to seek deeper knowledge, explore your inner self, and trust your instincts. However, be aware of being too secretive, aloof, or cynical, as this may isolate you from others or make you lose faith. The number 7 is also associated with the Chariot card in the tarot, which symbolizes victory, willpower, and control. This is a week to overcome obstacles, assert yourself, and move forward. However, be mindful of being too aggressive, arrogant, or reckless, as this may lead to conflicts or accidents.

Tarot Base: The dominant planet of the week is Mercury, the planet of communication, intelligence, and travel. Mercury rules over Gemini and Virgo, the signs that are activated by the full moon and the new moon respectively. Mercury also corresponds to the 8th Kamea, a magic square that can be used to create sigils or talismans. The tarot card that is drawn from the 8th Kamea is the Eight of Swords, which depicts a woman bound and blindfolded by eight swords. This card represents restriction, confusion, and victimization. It suggests that you may feel trapped or powerless by a situation that limits your freedom or clarity. However, it also implies that you have the ability to free yourself by using your mind and logic. This card advises you to face your fears, challenge your assumptions, and seek the truth. It also indicates that this week may bring opportunities for mental breakthroughs or liberations. This card may also suggest health improvements or lifestyle changes related to your nervous system, respiratory system, or eyesight. It may encourage you to breathe deeply, meditate regularly, or get an eye exam.

Tarot Opposition: The tarot card that is drawn from the Lenormand Tarot Deck and crosses the Eight of Swords is the Clouds, which depicts a dark cloud covering a bright sun. This card represents uncertainty, doubt, and confusion. It suggests that you may face obstacles, delays, or misunderstandings that cloud your judgment or obscure your vision. However, it also implies that there is hope, clarity, and optimism behind the clouds. This card warns you to be cautious, realistic, and discerning when dealing with situations or people that are unclear or unreliable. It also indicates that this week may bring revelations, insights, or solutions that clear up your doubts or illuminate your path.

Demonology: The most influential demon of week 34 is Count Furfur, a powerful earl of hell who commands 26 legions of demons. He appears as a winged stag or a winged angel. His area of greatest influence and interest is love, lust, and marriage. He can cause love between a man and a woman, stir up sexual desire, and reveal secrets about affairs.

Furfur ġeōrtfa ðes ƿīces is þæt hē feorran sēce þā þe besēcen lufe oððe geþēofan. Hē mæg ēac sƿīðre stræcnysse, ġelōsnesse, oððe untrīwnesse betweonan ġefērum oððe lufenum āweccean. Þæt hē līcð þonne his ēg to þǣm þe brūcaþ leasunga, ōðelēasunga, oððe bīþ ðearle beswīcendlic in heortelīcre ēðelinga gemǣnunga. Hē mæg ēac þā þe behrēowsige, beþrāge, oððe unhƿæt sīen on heora gemǣnunga þēon. Þæt þu his ēg fram þē awierne, þæt þu sīe rīhtlēof, treow, and ġeornost to þīnum āgene and to oðrum. Þu scealt ēac warnian þæt þu ne falle for fǣgedum lēasum, wynsumnysse, oððe lȳge.

He is most likely to actually manifest his power somewhere near Stamford, Connecticut, USA (41.039, -73.536), a city that is known for its financial services, media companies, and cultural attractions. He may target those who work or live in these sectors, or those who visit them for entertainment or leisure.

Angelology: The most influential angel of week 34 is Simat Hayyi, an angel of the order of Seraphim. She appears as a beautiful woman with six wings and a radiant halo. Her area of greatest influence and interest is beauty, art, and creativity. She can inspire artistic expression, enhance aesthetic appreciation, and bestow divine grace.

Simat Hayyiges ġeōrtfa ðes ƿīces is þæt hēo beblīsse, gerēde, and ġehierde þā þe hiora āstumbra oððe ġifta sēcan. Hēo mæg ēac þā helpan þe sēcað fægernesse, heorðglīdan, oððe glædnysse on heora līfum. Þæt hēo līcð þonne heora ēg to þǣm þe brūcaþ hrēþre, þancfulnysse, oððe mildheortnesse on heora scīpƿyrtgungum. Hēo mæg ēac þā bēon besōn þe beorhtan, milde, oððe ġemǣnsume beon on heora gemǣnunga mid oðrum. Þæt þu his ēg fram þē awierne, þæt þu ne bēo oferhēah, gierrig, oððe oferforspendendlic on þīne gifu oððe resorceas. Þu scealt ēac warnian þæt þu ne bēo ēafnȳssum, crīðig, oððe dēorwyrcendlic on þā weorc oððe ġewyrtgunga oðra.

She is most likely to actually manifest her power somewhere near Sterling Heights, Michigan, USA (42.608, -82.983), a city that is known for its automotive industry, ethnic diversity, and cultural events. She may favor those who work or live in these areas, or those who participate in them for education or enjoyment.

Divination Method: The method of most significance for week 34 is capnomancy, divination by smoke. This is an ancient technique that involves observing the shape, color, direction, or movement of smoke from a fire, candle, incense, or other source. It can be used to answer questions, predict the future, or communicate with spirits. The typical practitioner of capnomancy is a solo craft, as it requires concentration, intuition, and imagination. However, some practitioners may work in groups or under the guidance of a master or an apprentice. The skill of capnomancy can be developed by practice, study, and experience. However, some practitioners may be born with the talent or have a natural affinity for it.

Occult Practice: The occult practice of week 34 is clairvoyance, the ability to see things distant in time or place. This is a psychic phenomenon that involves perceiving visions, images, symbols, or scenes that are not accessible by normal senses. It can be used to gain insight, knowledge, or guidance about past, present, or future events or situations. The typical practitioner of clairvoyance is a solo craft, as it requires focus, awareness, and receptivity. However, some practitioners may work in groups or under the mentorship of a master or an apprentice. The skill of clairvoyance can be developed by training, meditation, and exercise. However, some practitioners may be born with the gift or have a natural propensity for it.

Color: The color that is waxing in power this week is purple, the color of royalty, spirituality, and intuition. This is a color that can help you enhance your dignity, wisdom, and psychic abilities. However, avoid being too pompous, dogmatic, or delusional. The color that you should avoid this week is gray, the color of neutrality, boredom, and depression. This is a color that can make you feel dull, indifferent, or hopeless. It may also indicate a lack of clarity or direction.

Food: The food that is waxing in power this week is honey, the food of sweetness, healing, and prosperity. This is a food that can help you attract love, health, and wealth. It may also symbolize wisdom, happiness, or loyalty. However, avoid being too indulgent, sticky, or possessive. The food that you should avoid this week is garlic, the food of protection, strength, and repulsion. This is a food that can protect you from harm, boost your immunity, or ward off evil. It may also symbolize courage, passion, or purification. However, avoid being too pungent, offensive, or repulsive.

Number: The number that is waxing in power this week is 3, the number of creativity, harmony, and growth. This is a number that can help you express yourself, cooperate with others, and expand your horizons. It may also represent the trinity, the triangle, or the third eye. However, avoid being too scattered, superficial, or exaggerated. The number that you should avoid this week is 9, the number of completion, wisdom, and karma. This is a number that can indicate endings, lessons, or consequences. It may also represent the nine planets, the nine muses, or the ninth house. However, avoid being too detached, melancholic, or self-sacrificing.

Company to Watch: The merchant to watch for week 34 is F5 Networks (FFIV), a company that provides application delivery and security services for web and mobile applications. This company is influenced by the supernatural forces of Mercury and the Eight of Swords, which suggest that it may face challenges, changes, or innovations in its communication, intelligence, or travel sectors. It may also experience restrictions, confusion, or victimization in its freedom, clarity, or power domains. A dire warning and recommendation for this company is: Beware of the dark clouds that obscure your vision and hinder your progress. Seek the light that shines behind them and reveals your true potential. Why is this company important in the context of this week's divinations? Because it may reflect or affect the trends, opportunities, or risks that are related to the themes of communication, intelligence, travel, restriction, confusion, and victimization.

Here ends my channeling for week 34 of 2023. I hope you found it helpful, insightful, and captivating. Keep coming back. An ego eo gwriz ar vuhez holl, met omp gouest da gavout dieubidigezh dre tremen dre benn anezhañ. Transcend the ego. Remember, the future is not fixed, but shaped by your choices and actions. You have the power to create your own destiny, but you also have to face the changes and the challenges of your deeds. Be wise, be brave, and be true to yourself.

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