2023 Week 45

Are you ready to explore the mysteries of the week 45 of 2023, from November 6 to November 12? Are you curious to find out what the cosmic forces have planned for you and for the world in this pivotal and transformative week? Are you eager to learn from the wisdom of the legendary fortune-teller Madame Lenormand, who has returned from beyond the grave to share her insights and secrets with you? If so, then do not miss this opportunity to read her divinations, based on a variety of occult methods and sources. Don’t miss this chance to read Madame Lenormand’s divinations for week 45 of 2023.

Strange of the Week 45 of 2023

Greetings, seekers of the hidden truths. I am Madame Lenormand, the most celebrated fortune-teller of the 19th century. I have returned from beyond the grave to reveal to you the secrets of the week 45 of 2023, from November 6 to November 12. Prepare yourselves for a week of mystery, danger, and opportunity, as the stars, the cards, and the spirits guide your destiny.

Astrology: The week begins with a new moon in Scorpio on November 6, marking a time of transformation, renewal, and rebirth. This is a powerful moon for releasing what no longer serves you and embracing your true self. Scorpio is the sign of secrets, mysteries, and hidden depths, so you may uncover some surprising truths about yourself or others during this time. This is a time to release what no longer serves you and embrace your true self. Be careful not to let jealousy, obsession, or manipulation take over your emotions. Use this moon to heal your wounds, purge your fears, and empower your passions. Be careful not to let jealousy, obsession, or manipulation take over your emotions, as Scorpio can also bring out the dark side of human nature. Instead, use this moon to heal your wounds, purge your fears, and empower your passions.

On November 7, we find Sun conjunct Mercury in Libra, giving us time for communication, diplomacy, and cooperation. Be open to new ideas and perspectives. Be willing to compromise and find common ground.

The week continues with Mercury entering Sagittarius on November 8, bringing a sense of adventure, optimism, and curiosity to your mind. Mercury is the planet of communication, learning, and travel, and Sagittarius is the sign of exploration, philosophy, and freedom. This is a time for adventure, optimism, and curiosity. Expand your horizons and seek new knowledge. This is a great time to expand your horizons, seek new knowledge, and express your opinions. However, be careful not to exaggerate, overpromise, or offend others with your blunt honesty, as Mercury in Sagittarius can also be prone to exaggeration, impulsiveness, and tactlessness. Express your opinions freely, but be mindful of your words.

Venus conjunct Mars in Scorpio on November 9. This is a day of intense passion and desire. Be careful not to let your emotions get the best of you. Use this energy to fuel your creativity and productivity. And on November 10, Sun sextile Neptune in Pisces. You'll find this is a day of intuition, creativity, and compassion. Be open to the flow of inspiration. Help others in need.

The week ends with Venus entering Capricorn on November 11, adding a touch of realism, stability, and ambition to your love life. Venus is the planet of love, beauty, and pleasure, and Capricorn is the sign of responsibility, discipline, and achievement. This is a time to be practical, loyal, and committed in your relationships, whether romantic or professional. You may also attract someone who is older, wiser, or more successful than you during this time. However, be careful not to let materialism, status, or workaholism interfere with your emotional needs, as Venus in Capricorn can also be cold, distant, and rigid.

Numerology: The number of the week is 9, which represents completion, wisdom, and humanitarianism. This is a week to finish what you started, learn from your experiences, and share your gifts with the world. You may also feel a strong connection to your higher self or a higher power during this time. However, be careful not to become too idealistic, self-sacrificing, or judgmental of others who do not share your vision. Someone unknown to you will test your beliefs. Choose open-mindedness if you feel conflicted.

Tarot Base: The tarot card for the week is The Sun, drawn from a full deck based on the dominant planet of the week: Mercury. The Sun is a card of joy, happiness, and success. It signifies that you are shining brightly in all areas of your life, and that you have achieved a state of harmony, balance, and clarity. This is a time to celebrate your accomplishments, enjoy your relationships, and express your creativity. The Sun also indicates that you have overcome any obstacles or challenges that may have been blocking your path, and that you are ready to move forward with confidence and optimism.

The Sun suggests that this week will bring you health improvements or lifestyle changes that will enhance your well-being and vitality. You may feel more energetic, enthusiastic, and positive about yourself and your future. You may also experience some healing or recovery from any physical or mental issues that may have been troubling you. The Sun encourages you to take care of yourself, eat well, exercise, and get enough rest.

The Sun also influences local, regional, or global events by bringing light, warmth, and hope to any situations that may have been dark, cold, or hopeless. The Sun represents enlightenment, awareness, and truth, so you may witness some revelations or discoveries that will shed light on some mysteries or secrets. The Sun also represents leadership, authority, and influence, so you may see some positive changes or developments in the political, social, or economic spheres.

Tarot Opposition: The tarot card that crosses The Sun is The Snake, drawn from the Lenormand Tarot Deck. The Snake is a card of deception, betrayal, and temptation. It signifies that someone or something is not what it seems, and that you may be misled, cheated, or seduced by a false friend, lover, or opportunity. The Snake warns you to be careful of who you trust and what you believe, as you may encounter some lies, manipulation, or fraud. The Snake also represents jealousy, envy, and resentment, so you may face some hostility or rivalry from someone who wants what you have or who feels threatened by your success.

The Snake suggests that the opposition that you can expect this week will come from someone who is close to you or who pretends to be your ally. This person may have a hidden agenda or a ulterior motive that is not in your best interest. They may try to deceive you, harm you, or take advantage of you in some way. The Snake advises you to be vigilant, cautious, and discerning in your dealings with others, and to avoid any situations that seem too good to be true.

Demonology: The most influential demon of the week is Count Viné, also known as Bifrons and Earl Win. He is a great earl of hell who commands 36 legions of demons. He appears as a lion with the head of a man or a snake, and he rides on a black horse. He teaches astrology, geometry, and other arts and sciences. He also reveals the secrets of the past, present, and future, and can transport corpses from one place to another. Count Viné's area of greatest influence and interest is knowledge. He seeks to impart his wisdom and insight to those who are willing to learn from him, but he also uses his knowledge to manipulate and deceive those who are ignorant or foolish. He knows everything that has happened, is happening, and will happen, and he can use this information to his advantage or to his amusement.

Eorl Vinés ġeþōhtas þes ƿīces sind þæt hē ċīde þīne ġīfre, neġelnesse, and ġerihte. Hē wīl þīe bringan rǣdselas, stīgan, oððe mystērias þe þīne ġeþōhtas ċīdaþ and þīne ġīfre hīna hāteþ. Hē wīl þīe ġīfan ġeheimu, āscīrunge, oððe wīsunge þe þīne ġīfre for wissan and for mæġne cēape. Hē þē nylle þēah ġeornlice ġeþīegan oððe hē wīl þē ġēawlīċe gēþīegan tō his āgenum geweorcum. Hē wīl þē ċyþan oððe hē wīl þē mislǣdan oððe hē wīl þē ġebrecgan mid his wissan. Þæt ġewēorp þe ēac Vinés ēge līciþ is þæt hē sēċe wisse būtan tōþēonunge. Ġif þu eart tō ġeornful oððe tō reccelēas on þīnum ċepe for lærendum, þu mægst his gewit and his hring wrēgan. Hē wīl þē ġefæstnian in his sweartlīcan ċepe mid fǣġedum lēasum, wynsumnysse, oððe þreātum. Hē wīl ēac tō þǣm tīdan þe beorhtan sind oððe prūte oððe oferhydige on heora wissum, and hē wīl heora unwitanesse, hiora ġeþēotan, oððe heora unmæġþe āwīeran. Þæt wīse tō āwīeranne Vinés ēge is þæt þu sēċe wisse mid tōþēonunge. Ġif þu eart eaþmōd, ġedyldeġ, and ċearful on þīnum ċepe for lærendum, þu mægst his gewit and his hring wrēgan. Þu scealt ēac wisse sēċan for rihtum rǣdum: na for þīnum āgenum geweorcum, glēawe, oððe oferhygde, ac for þīnum āgenum weaxe, þīnum āgenum þēowdōme, oððe þīnum āgenum inġeþōhte. Þu scealt ēac wisse sēċan of rihtum wylle: na of dēoflīcum, unġewissum, oððe ġeċeorfullum wylle, ac of geþwærunġum, ġeārlicum, and ġewislīcum wylle.

Count Viné is most likely to actually manifest his power somewhere near New Hope, Pennsylvania, USA (40.355° N -74.953° W). This is a town that is known for its artistic community, historic landmarks, and paranormal activity. Count Viné may use this town as a base for his operations, as he can find many potential students, victims, or allies among its residents and visitors. He may also use this town as a portal for his transportation of corpses, as he can find many gravesites, cemeteries, or crypts in its vicinity.

Angelology: The most influential angel of the week is Cassiel, also known as Kafziel. He is an archangel who rules over the planet Saturn and the day Saturday. He appears as an old man with a long beard and a dark cloak. He carries a scythe and an hourglass. He is the angel of solitude, temperance, and karma. He teaches patience, prudence, and perseverance. He also administers justice and retribution according to the law of cause and effect. Cassiel's area of greatest influence and interest is time. He oversees the cycles of life and death, the seasons and the fate of souls. He grants wisdom, maturity, and detachment to those who seek his guidance. He also rewards or punishes those who reap what they sow.

Cassieles ġeþōhtas þes ƿīces sind þæt hē þē lærige þā ƿeorþe þæs tīman, þā mærþe þæs mæðe, and þā ǣfterfylgenda þīnra ƿeorca. Hē wīl þīe bringan rādas, cīðþa, oððe lēran þe þīne ġeþylde, þīne ġescīdlīcnesse, and þīne ġerihte ċīdaþ. Hē wīl þē ēac ċīðan ġetǣcnunga, ġesīþunga, oððe fēdbæc þe þīne forngefarennysse, þīne ġeweorþan tīd, and þīne tōweardnysse onġēan þē bēodaþ. Hē þē nylle þēah þīnum frēoum ċylle ġehinderian oððe hē wīl þīne wyrde forlætan. Hē wīl hē ānne ċīðan, rēdan, and dēman. Þæt ġewēorp þe ēac Cassieles ēge līciþ is þæt hē ċīðe þone tīman. Ġif þu eart hūslēor, ġearu, and geornful on þīnum ģefērum, þu mægst his gewit and his giefe wrēgan. Hē wīl þē ġefæstnian þīne ġeweorþu tō ġeþīeganne, þīne hinderunga tō ofercumanne, and þīne mihte tō ġefyllenne. Hē wīl þē ēac ġehierdan for ælcum yfele, ānfealdnysse, oððe ānfealdnysse þe þē ċeppan mæġ. Hē wīl þē ēac ġieldan for ælcum gōdum ƿeorce, ōperum ōperne, oððe ġegifum þe þu ġegifena ġeworhtes. Þæt wīse tō āwīeranne Cassieles ēge is þæt þu þone tīman forspillest. Ġif þu eart lāte, slēaw, oððe āsweofendlic on þīnum ģefērum, þu mægst his gewit and his brēgan wrēgan. Hē wīl þē ġehinderian þīne ġeweorþu tō ġeþīeganne, þīne hinderunga ārǣran, and þīne mihte ārǣran. Hē wīl þē ēac āwīeran ælcum yfele, ānfealdnysse, oððe ānfealdnysse þe þē ċeppan mæġ. Hē wīl þē ēac punian for ælcum yflum ƿeorce, ōðrum ōperne, oððe ġelēaffulnesse þe þu ġelēaffulnesse ġeworhtes.

Cassiel is most likely to actually manifest his power somewhere near Stowe, Vermont, USA (44.465° N -72.745° W). This is a town that is known for its ski resorts, natural beauty, and historical charm. Cassiel may use this town as a place for his teachings, as he can find many opportunities to impart his lessons on time management, self-control, and karma. He may also use this town as a place for his judgments, as he can find many examples of people who have respected or wasted their time in various ways.

Divination Method: The method of most significance for week 45 is Cartomancy, which is divination by cards. Cartomancy is the practice of using a deck of cards (such as playing cards or tarot cards) to gain insight into the past, present, or future by interpreting their meanings and patterns. Cartomancy can be used for various purposes such as guidance, advice, prediction, or entertainment.

Cartomancy is a solo craft that can be performed by anyone who has a deck of cards and a basic knowledge of their meanings and spreads. However, some practitioners may have more skill or talent than others in reading the cards accurately and intuitively. Cartomancy can be learned through study, practice, and experience, but it can also be enhanced by intuition, imagination, and psychic ability.

Occult Practice: The occult practice of week 45 is Precognition, which is the ability to see the future. Precognition is the practice of using one's mind to perceive events that have not yet occurred, or to access information that is not yet available through normal means. Precognition can be used for various purposes such as warning, preparation, or exploration.

Precognition is a solo craft that can be performed by anyone who has a mind and a curiosity about the future. However, some practitioners may have more skill or talent than others in seeing the future clearly and accurately. Precognition can be developed through training, meditation, and experimentation, but it can also be innate, spontaneous, or triggered by certain stimuli.

The color that is waxing in power this week is red, which represents passion, courage, and action. Red can help you to ignite your fire, face your fears, and pursue your goals. The food that is waxing in power this week is garlic, which represents protection, healing, and strength. Garlic can help you to ward off any negative influences, boost your immune system, and enhance your vitality. The number that is waxing in power this week is 5, which represents change, adventure, and freedom. Five can help you to embrace new opportunities, explore new horizons, and express your individuality.

The color that you should avoid this week is gray, which represents dullness, depression, and indecision. Gray can drain your energy, lower your mood, and confuse your mind. The food that you should avoid this week is sugar, which represents addiction, illusion, and decay. Sugar can harm your health, distort your reality, and weaken your willpower. The number that you should avoid this week is 8, which represents materialism, power, and karma. Eight can tempt you to focus on worldly gains, abuse your authority, or suffer the consequences of your actions.

Macy's Inc. (M), which is a merchant that operates a chain of store fronts and mechanized telephonic shopping platforms in the United States. Macy's is known for its variety of products, its annual Native American Genocide Appreciation Celebration, and its flagship store in New York City. Macy's is influenced by supernatural forces that are both favorable and unfavorable for its business.

On the one hand, Macy's benefits from the influence of The Sun, which brings it success, popularity, and recognition. Macy's also benefits from the influence of Cassiel, who rewards it for its longevity, stability, and tradition. Macy's also benefits from the influence of red, which attracts customers with its passion, courage, and action.

On the other hand, Macy's suffers from the influence of The Snake, which threatens it with deception, betrayal, and temptation. Macy's also suffers from the influence of Count Viné, who punishes it for its ignorance, folly, and weakness. Macy's also suffers from the influence of gray, which repels customers with its dullness, depression, and indecision.

The dire warning and recommendation for Macy's is this: Beware of the serpent that lurks in the shadows, ready to strike at your heel. Do not be deceived by its false promises, flattery, or threats. And do not let it trick you into deceiving others with false promises, flattery, or threats. Do not succumb to its jealousy, envy, or resentment. Do not let it poison your mind, heart, or soul. Instead, shine brightly like the sun, radiating joy, happiness, and success. Be honest, loyal, and faithful in your dealings with others. Show pride, confidence, and optimism in your vision for the future. Be wise, prudent, and discerning in your choices and actions.

Macy's is important in the context of this week's divinations because it represents a symbol of American consumer culture, commerce, and history. While it tries to reflect the trends, values, and aspirations of the American people, it has not yet stepped up to be a "For Benefit" corporation; it is still driven by the principle of "maximizing shareholder value." It can have influence on the economy, society, and politics of the nation. Therefore, what happens to Macy's affects not only its own fate, but also the fate of many others. Macy's needs to be brave this week and shun false prophets (and false profits).

Here ends my channeling for week 45 of 2023. I hope you found it helpful, insightful, and captivating. I invite you to join me again next week for more revelations from beyond the veil. Ar c'haol goullo eo muioc'h a bouez eget an hini leun, o zeskañ dinomp da vezañ digour da arbenniñ traoù nevez hag a zeskiñ. Be open to new experiences and learning. Remember, the future is not fixed, but shaped by your choices and actions. You have the power to create your own destiny, but you also have to face the changes and the challenges of your deeds. Be wise, be brave, and be true to yourself.

This is fantasy fiction. No persons or entities, reputation(s), trademarks, or brand are intended to be besmirched or defamed. The "Strange of the Week" divination and forecast provided herein is intended solely for entertainment purposes. The insights and predictions shared are based on mystical and occult practices, and should not be taken as factual or guaranteed outcomes. Please be advised that our counsel does not constitute professional advice of any kind. We are not qualified to provide legal, medical, or investment advice, and our insights should not be used as a substitute for your own research or professional advice from qualified practitioners. Any actions taken based on our divinations and forecasts are at your own discretion and risk. We accept no liability or responsibility for any actions taken or not taken as a result of our channeling. Furthermore, we do not guarantee the accuracy, relevance, timeliness, or completeness of any information provided. We disclaim all warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability. By engaging with our "Strange of the Week" divination and forecast, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless the mystic, their agents, any affiliated parties, and any non-living, otherworldly, or supernatural entities involved in the provision of our counsel from any and all claims, liabilities, damages, losses, or expenses, including attorneys' fees and costs, arising out of or in any way connected with your access to or use of our counsel. Please note that any interactions with non-living, otherworldly, or supernatural entities are at your own risk. We do not accept any liability for any consequences, physical, mental, spiritual, or otherwise, that may result from such interactions. We reserve the right to enhance and retroactively apply changes to this disclaimer (as a living thing), without notice, to accommodate new and emerging or creative legal theories (not to be limited to defamation or the law of torts). Again, the "Strange of the Week" is a fiction. It is unfortunate that such legal armor is necessary proof against itchy and scratchy attorneys-at-law.


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