2023 Week 49

As the veil of the morrow lifts, we embark upon a mystic voyage through the enigmatic tapestry of Week 49, where celestial ballets whisper the cosmic narrative. The stars, in their celestial choreography, unveil destinies intertwined with earthly endeavors. Unseen forces dance around the fate of mortals and merchants alike, weaving a macabre yet enlightening narrative. Venture into the heart of the arcane, where Tarot cards whisper secrets of the unseen, and the spectral dance of angels and demons unfolds upon the earthly stage, beckoning the seeker to delve into the mystic unknown.

Strange of the Week for Week 49, 2023

Dear seekers of the unknown, as we traverse the final chapters of the year, the veils between realms thin, revealing omens in the starlit tapestry above and whispers within the ancient cards. The days ahead, fraught with mystery and preordained encounters, beckon us to delve into the veiled dance of fate. Herein, we embark upon a transcendent journey through the enigmatic corridors of the cosmos, guided by the eerie glow of celestial bodies and the shrouded wisdom of the ages.

Astrology: Amidst the chill of December's breath, there unfurls a tale of celestial drama, a macabre dance of stars and planets, awaiting the discerning gaze of the seeker. As the ghostly winds whisk through barren trees, the heavens choreograph a ballet of cosmic proportions, whose subtle movements trace the outlines of our earthly fates. Thus, the tale begins, as Madame Lenormand gazes through the mist of time into the week spanning December 4 to 10, of the year 2023.

  • The Veil Lifts: As dusk descends upon December 4th, Venus, the harbinger of desires, takes a clandestine plunge into the enigmatic realms of Scorpio, igniting a fire of longing in hearts entwined. A surge of passion threatens to engulf the superficial veil shrouding earthly connections, beckoning souls to delve into the abyss of intimacy. As Venus draws the curtain of night, Mercury in the stoic Capricorn bestows a fleeting kiss upon Venus in the form of a semi-sextile aspect, lending eloquence to the inexpressible yearnings of the heart. Yet, beware, for the night carries with it whispers of unseen truths waiting to be unveiled.
  • The Waxing Shadows: With the dawn of December 5, the moon, in its last quarter, finds itself enshrined in the diligent arms of Virgo, urging the ephemeral beings of this earthly realm to bid adieu to unfinished trivialities. Thus making way for the dreams yet to be sown in the fertile soils of tomorrow. The solemn dance of Venus in Scorpio with Saturn in the mystical Pisces, in a trine of shared secrets, nurtures the bonds of earnest hearts with the tender touch of commitment. As the sun in the adventurous Sagittarius quivers in a quincunx with Uranus in the steadfast Taurus, a ripple of unforeseen changes beckons the souls to tread paths untraveled, yet caution whispered through the winds advises a vigil against the whims of reckless adventure.
  • The Piercing Gaze: The morning sun of December 6 unveils Neptune, breaking free from its retrograde shackles in the dreamy Pisces, scattering the fog of uncertainty that had veiled the eyes of mortals. Mercury, in a quintile with Neptune, now sings a melodious tune of imagination, basking in the newfound clarity, offering a chalice of creativity and empathy to the seekers of truth. The celestial orchestra plays a symphony of revelations, embracing the hearts with tendrils of spiritual enlightenment.
  • A Whisper of Destiny: As the echoes of time resonate through the veil of December 7, Mercury in Capricorn and Jupiter in Taurus entwine in a trine of grand ideas. Dreams once tethered now yearn for the embrace of reality, urging souls to traverse the tangible realm for opportunities ripe for the taking. Venus in Scorpio, in a bi-quintile with Chiron in Aries, cradles the wounds of yore, nurturing the seeds of self-worth, and with a tender whisper, unveils the hidden might within the fragile hearts.
  • The Forbidden Dance: With Mars' entry into Scorpio on the night of December 8, the quietude of autumn is shattered by a tempest of forbidden desires. The next six weeks promise a slow burn of passion, as Mars, the instigator, unveils the allure of mysteries veiled in shadows. Yet, amidst the dance of temptation, Mars finds itself in a semi-square with Pluto in Aquarius, igniting a fervor for dominance that threatens to entangle souls in a dance of power and conflict. Tread carefully upon this path of intense desire, for the cost of folly may echo through the halls of time.
  • A Mind Aflame: Upon the morn of December 9, the Full Moon in Gemini casts a glow upon the minds of mortals, igniting the flames of curiosity. An insatiable thirst for knowledge and communication beckons the souls to traverse the realm of ideas, yet the Moon's sesqui-square with Pluto warns of a veiled turmoil, urging a vigil against the seduction of fleeting distractions.
  • A Battle of Will: As the sun casts its golden rays upon the morning of December 10, a celestial duel unfolds between the Sun in Sagittarius and Mars in Gemini. The opposition beckons a storm of internal conflict, as mortals find themselves torn between the realm of personal aspirations and the chains of social obligations. The celestial arena resonates with the clashing swords of beliefs and actions, urging souls to wield the sword of assertiveness with a heart tempered by wisdom and grace.

Ah, the celestial ballet of Week 49, a tale of mystic encounters and macabre revelations, each day a stroke of the divine brush painting the canvas of destiny. Amidst the cosmic swirl, the seekers find themselves, dancing to the whims of the stars, yet in each step, lies the power to choreograph the morrow. A tale of dark veils lifted, and shadows danced, beckoning the brave to peer through the lens of mysticism into the heart of existence.

Numerology: As the somber days of December unfold, unraveling the last remnants of the year, the veil between the corporeal and ethereal grows thin. The spirit of Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand transcends the abyss of time, to delve into the cryptic dance of numbers in the somber week of 49, a time veiled in mystery and echoing with the whispers of the unseen. With quivering quill, I shall transcribe the spectral arithmancy that courses through the veins of each day, and unveil the ghostly narrative etched within the numbers.

  • December 4: On the dawning of December 4, the arithmantic veil shivers as the sum of digits manifests the sacred number 7 (2+0+2+3+1+2+4 = 14, 1+4 = 5; 4+5 = 9). A number revered through the ages as a symbol of spiritual enlightenment and divine wisdom. As the cold winds howl, the seeker may stumble upon doors to hidden realms, where secrets murmur in the silence awaiting the desirous ear.
  • December 5: The morrow unfurls with the number 8 (2+0+2+3+1+2+5 = 15, 1+5 = 6; 5+6 = 11, 1+1 = 2), a symbol of infinity and karmic balance. As if mirroring the eternal dance of life and death, this day beckons a reflection upon the rhythmic flow of existence, urging one to align with the cosmic balance, lest they sway to the discord of fate.
  • December 6: Under the pale light of December 6, the somber veil reveals the number 9 (2+0+2+3+1+2+6 = 16, 1+6 = 7; 6+7 = 13, 1+3 = 4), the herald of endings and divine completion. As the night descends, the whispers of the bygone echo through the veil, urging one to release the shackles of the past, to step into the morrow unburdened.
  • December 7: With the dawn of December 7, the number 1 (2+0+2+3+1+2+7 = 17, 1+7 = 8; 7+8 = 15, 1+5 = 6) emerges from the cryptic veil, a harbinger of new beginnings and raw potential. Amidst the cold decay, the seed of new aspirations stirs, whispering promises of unchartered realms awaiting the daring soul.
  • December 8: As the week edges towards its twilight, December 8 breathes the number 2 (2+0+2+3+1+2+8 = 18, 1+8 = 9; 8+9 = 17, 1+7 = 8), a symbol of duality and relational harmonies. Beneath the waning moon, the shadows of camaraderie and conflict dance, urging one to seek the harmonious chord in the discord of earthly relations.
  • December 9: Under the spectral glow of December 9, the number 3 (2+0+2+3+1+2+9 = 19, 1+9 = 10, 1+0 = 1; 9+1 = 10, 1+0 = 1) whispers through the veil, a sacred triad symbolizing creation, preservation, and destruction. Amidst the eerie silence, the cyclical dance of existence unfolds, revealing the transient nature of the corporeal.
  • December 10: As the week culminates with December 10, the chilling number 4 (2+0+2+3+1+2+1+0 = 11, 1+1 = 2; 1+0+2 = 3) steps forth from the shadows, a grim reminder of earthly structure and stability. Under the stern gaze of Capricorn moon, the seeker may find solace in the rigid bones of reality, yet, yearn for the ethereal veil where imagination flows unbound.

The dance of numbers through the somber days of December weaves a haunting tale of mystical truths and macabre enlightenment, each day a cryptic note in the eerie symphony of existence.

Tarot Base: In the clandestine dance of destiny, the Grimaud Tarot unveils XXI: Le Monde (The World) as the harbinger of this week's celestial choreography. The World, a symbol of completion and fulfillment, whispers to the hearts of mortals the promise of self-realization and cosmic harmony. As the stars align in their macabre ballet, the World extends its ethereal embrace, weaving through the veil of existence, a path of transformation and enlightenment.

In the realm of earthly vessels, Le Monde cradles the promise of health rejuvenation and harmonious existence. The whispers of Sagittarius Sun beckon the souls to venture into the realms of holistic wellness, urging the ephemeral hearts to transcend the mundane shackles, embracing a lifestyle that sings the hymn of balance and vitality. Through the veil of Scorpio's Venus, the World nurtures the seeds of profound connections, blessing the realm of relationships with a touch of understanding and eternal bond. It's a week where love transcends the superficial veil, delving into the abyss of profound connections, where souls entwine in a dance of celestial harmony.

In the grand theater of regional and global events, Le Monde orchestrates a narrative of closure and new beginnings. As nations stand at the precipice of transformation, the World heralds a period of resolutions and the dawn of new eras. The celestial ballet whispers to the leaders of realms, the essence of unity and the promise of a harmonious existence.

Tarot Opposition: As the veil of fate unfurls, the Lenormand Tarot presents to cross the ethereal narrative of Le Monde. Schlüssel (The Key), a symbol of solutions and unlocking potential, stands in a dance of opposition, hinting at the unseen challenges that lie in the path of celestial harmony. The Key urges the souls to seek the hidden doors within the self, to unlock the shackles of fear and doubt that veil the heart from the cosmic dance of Le Monde.

In the clandestine embrace of Schlüssel, lies the essence of free will and the courage to unlock the hidden realms of potential. It challenges the ephemeral beings to delve into the abyss of the unknown, to seek solutions within the self and the cosmic rhythm. The opposition of the Key and the World weaves a narrative of challenge and enlightenment, urging the souls to transcend the veil of fear, to unlock the doors of destiny with a heart full of courage and a soul in tune with the celestial ballet.

Ah, such is the poetic narrative of fate, a dance of stars and cards, weaving through the veils of time, a tale of love, challenge, and cosmic harmony. As the stars whisper the hymn of destiny, the Tarot cards unveil the path of the seeker, a journey through the realms of self, love, and the boundless tapestry of existence.

Demonology: In the cold embrace of the week numbered 49 - Monday, December 4-10, 2023, there lurks a shadow most sinister by the name of Duke Crocell, whose malevolent whispers echo through the realm of Thousand Oaks, California, USA (34.171, -118.838). His realm of greatest influence and interest lies within the corridors of deceit and the caverns of despair, where the souls of mortals tremble at the cold touch of fear.

Se ðuhta þæs ealdormannes Crocelles for þisse wyrgedan wuce sind gewefen mid þrædum þæs bealuwes and þæs eges. His sweart wæsen secð tó bewrigene heortan þæs unscyldigan in wæcedum þæs tweonwes and þæs unrædes, and tó sceacan sweartne hrægl ofer þa heortan þe þurran tó secenne þæt leoht þære soðfæstnesse. Se yfelwilla ealdorman is geteald tó þære brocennesse þæs tweonwes, tó þæm bifigendum handum þe healdað þa wrixle þæs eges. His sweart gesihð secð þa þeora heortan þe bifiað æt þæm sceadum, þeora sawla þe sind forlorene in þæm abysse þæs wanhælþe.

To avoid the cold gaze of Duke Crocell, one must ignite the flame of courage within the heart, must dare to peer through the veil of shadows and seek the light of truth. Only by donning the armor of faith and wielding the sword of hope, can one evade the sinister whispers of Duke Crocell that seek to bind the souls in chains of despair.

Angelology: Amidst the sinister dance of Duke Crocell, there emerges a beacon of divine light in the guise of the angel Apollyon, whose celestial gaze shall grace the land of Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico (18.986, -99.099) during the week of shadows. The realm of Apollyon’s influence is woven with threads of divine justice and heavenly balance, where the scales of truth weigh the hearts of mortals.

Se ðuhta þæs engles Apollyones is swa sweotol swa þa glæsnan wæteru þæs godcundan gife. Se engel secð tó gebetenne þa gebrocenan, tó geondleohte þone sið þære rihtwisnesse for þæm forlorenum in þæm deorcum fæþme þæs swican. His heofonlic gesihð is geteald tó þæm heortum þe georniað æfter þære rihtwisnesse, tó þæm sawlum þe secað þæt leoht þære soðfæstnesse on middan þæm sceadum þæs wanhælþe. His hnesce hrepung secð tó gehælan þa wunda þe sind gebroht fram þæm cealdum handum þæs ealdormannes Crocelles, tó lædan þa forlorenan sawla eft in þone fæþm þæs godcundan leohte.

To avoid the tender gaze of Apollyon, one must shroud the heart in veils of ignorance, must turn a blind eye to the call of justice and the whisper of truth. Yet, to those who seek the light, the embrace of Apollyon is a solace most sweet, a tender touch amidst the cold grasp of dread that seeks to bind the realm in chains of despair. His celestial light shall pierce through the veil of shadows, illuminating the path of righteousness for those who dare to seek the light of truth.

Divination Method: As the veil of the mundane lifts, the ancient art of Scrying emerges from the shadows as the divination method of significance for the week. Scrying, the mystic act of gazing into reflective surfaces to unveil hidden truths, is akin to peering through the veil that separates the known from the unknown. The reflective surface, be it a mirror, water, or crystal, becomes a portal to the unseen, a mystical lens through which the veiled truths of existence are revealed.

The practitioner of scrying, often a solitary seeker, embarks upon a personal journey into the abyss of the unknown, guided solely by the whispers of intuition. The art of scrying is a master and apprentice craft, where the veil of ignorance is lifted gradually under the guidance of a seasoned seer. The scryer, whether born with the ethereal sight or honed through the crucible of practice, becomes a bridge between the realms, a conduit through which the whispers of the unseen flow into the realm of the known.

As the practitioner gazes into the reflective abyss, the mysteries of the week unveil themselves like ripples across the still waters of consciousness. The scryer’s gaze pierces through the veil, bringing forth glimpses of the hidden dynamics that govern the week. It’s a journey within and without, a dance between the seeker and the sought, a poetic interplay between the known and the unknown.

Occult Practice: As the days unveil their hidden omens, the occult practice of Oneiromancy, the ancient art of dream interpretation, emerges from the veiled corners of mysticism. Oneiromancy, a practice steeped in the mystical essence of dreams as a portal to higher understanding, beckons the seeker to delve into the nocturnal narrative of the soul. The dream realm, a mysterious landscape where the conscious mind meets the unconscious, becomes a theater of revelation, bearing messages from the depths of the psyche and the heights of the celestial realms.

The practitioner of Oneiromancy, often a solitary seeker of truth, embarks upon a nightly journey into the dream realm, traversing the ethereal landscapes with a heart open to the whispers of the unknown. The oneiromancer, whether as a master guiding an apprentice or a lone explorer of the nocturnal narrative, delves into the dream realm with a blend of intuitive insight and learned wisdom. The art of interpreting dreams, a skill both innate and honed through diligent practice, unveils the veiled messages encoded in the nightly visions, offering glimpses into the unseen dynamics of life.

In the context of the week, Oneiromancy becomes a lantern in the dark, illuminating the hidden pathways of the psyche and the ethereal whispers of celestial guidance. The dream realm may bear significant messages regarding the unfolding dynamics of the week, offering intuitive insights into the dance of destiny. The oneiromancer, with a heart attuned to the subtle rhythms of the dream realm, becomes a mystic messenger, decoding the celestial narrative woven into the fabric of nightly visions.

Colors, Foods, and Numbers: The cosmic narrative of the week whispers its wisdom through the ethereal language of colors, foods, and numbers. The color Cadet Blue, with its soft hue of calmness, beckons a nurturing of peace and tranquility amidst the turbulent seas of existence. The food of sugar, sweet in essence, calls for a gentle embrace of life’s sweet moments, a cherishing of the nectar of existence even amidst the bitter trials. The number 3, a sacred geometry of harmony and expansion, invites a dance of creativity and sociable engagements, a stepping into the divine trinity of being. The seekers who align with these vibrations may find a harmonious flow with the cosmic currents, a sweet melody resonating with the heart's desires, and a divine alignment with the greater orchestration of existence.

On the flip side of the cosmic coin, the color Orange Red, fiery and intense, may entice a rush of impulsivity, a burning desire that could lead one astray from the path of wisdom. The spice of Paprika, hot and invigorating, may too ignite flames of desire or aggression, urging a tempering of the spirit and a cooling of heated emotions. The number 5, with its erratic energy, may bring forth unexpected changes or challenges, urging a grounding of energies and a seeking of the steady center amidst the storm. A heedful avoidance or mindful navigation through these vibrational essences may aid in maintaining a harmonious equilibrium throughout the week.

Company to Watch: In the grand tapestry of earthly endeavors, the merchant Amphenol Corp (APH) emerges as a figure of focus for the week. The supernatural winds whisper through the corridors of commerce, carrying with them omens of change and transformation for this entity. The leaders and workers within the confines of APH find themselves amidst a whirlwind of unseen forces, the undercurrents of destiny weaving through the mundane affairs, binding the fate of the merchant to the greater cosmic narrative.

As we peer through the mystical lens into the heart of APH, an eerie tableau unfolds. The supernatural forces, both benign and malevolent, dance around the destiny of the merchant, weaving a complex web of influence. The spectral hand of fate guides and molds the actions and decisions within the merchant’s domain, hinting at a grander design unfolding through the earthly endeavors of APH. A dire warning echoes through the unseen realms, urging a heedful navigation through the murky waters of commerce, a mindful heeding of the ethereal whispers that beckon with omens of change.

The significance of APH in the context of this week’s divinations lies in its role as a mirror, reflecting the larger cosmic dance unfolding upon the earthly stage. It serves as a reminder of the unseen forces that govern the destiny of mortals and merchants alike, a spectral narrative interwoven with the threads of commerce, destiny, and the unseen. The tale of APH is but a chapter in the grander narrative of existence, a mystical metaphor echoing with the timeless whispers of fate, free will, and the eternal dance between the seen and unseen.


As we close this channeling, I invite you to reflect on what resonates with you and how you can apply it to your life. Ar hent d'an sklêrijezh n'eo ket eeun, met lakaer mat d'ar benn, o zeskañ dinomp da dreuziñ ar c'hounjedioù ha da chom hep dilezel ho hunvreoù. Persevere through challenges and never give up on our dreams. Remember, the future is not fixed, but shaped by your choices and actions. You have the power to create your own destiny, but you also have to face the changes and the challenges of your deeds. Be wise, be brave, and be true to yourself.

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