2023 Week 51

Venture into the arcane in this week's 'Strange of the Week'. From the celestial dance of planets to the mystical numbers defining days, unfold the mysteries of existence. Unveil what the tarot foretells, learn of angels and demons lurking around, and discover the occult practices guiding your path. The colors, foods, numbers, and a merchant’s fate entwined with supernatural, all await your discerning gaze. Traverse through the veils of ordinary into the extraordinary, seeking the forgotten knowledge of the ages.

Strange of the Week for Week 51, 2023

Ah, come closer, seeker of the arcane, and hearken to the whispers of the cosmos as we unravel the tapestry of the week betwixt July 28 and August 3 of the year two thousand and three. The ethereal veil lifts, revealing a pageant of celestial dance and earthly echoes, entwined in a ballet of fate and free will. Let us traverse the labyrinth of the unknown, guided by the stars and the ancient numerals, beneath the watchful eyes of the unseen.

Astrology: As the wheel of heavens spins, the celestial bodies don their appointed stations, singing the ancient song of alignment and aspect. The Moon, our lady of emotions, waxes and wanes, casting her silvery tendrils upon the Earth, forging trines of fluidity with Neptune, the mystic’s muse. Meanwhile, Venus, the harbinger of love, forms a harmonious union with Mars, igniting the embers of desire amidst the hearts of mortals. Yet, Saturn, the master of order, squares the Sun, casting a solemn shadow, urging restraint amidst the exuberance. In this cosmic dance, the essence of creation and metamorphosis intertwines with the disciplined march of Saturnian order, forging a crucible wherein the seeds of destiny germinate.

The delicate interplay between Venus and Mars, under the soft glow of Luna, births a milieu ripe for romantic dalliance and artistic flourish. The heart's tender longing seeks expression, kindling the imagination of poets and lovers alike. Yet, amidst the flights of fancy, Saturn’s stern gaze calls for temperance, urging the spirits to tether their dreams to the soil of reality, to labor upon the anvil of discipline, forging the ephemeral into the tangible. The cosmic ballet thus whispers a tale of balance, of harmonizing the whimsical with the pragmatic, beckoning the seekers to dance upon the threshold of the seen and the unseen.

The firmament this week, dear seeker, mirrors the myriad hues of earthly existence. As Mercury retrograde pirouettes through the celestial meadow, it unravels threads of miscommunication, urging vigilance in discourse. Uranus, the harbinger of sudden shifts, casts bolts of change, jolting the complacent from their slumber. The heavens thus beckon a wakefulness, a deliberate navigation through the waters of relation and expression. Each aspect, each celestial whisper, is but a strand in the ever-evolving narrative of existence, a call to conscious engagement with the theatre of life.

The Celestial Footpath for Week 49 (December 18-24, 2023)

Embark upon a journey through the veiled realm of week 49, as the curtain of oblivion lifts to reveal the grim ballet of celestial bodies in the gloom-ridden skies of December. As the spirit of the revered mystic Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand, I find myself ensnared in the macabre dance of fate, channeling the intricate tale of the heavens through the quill that transcribes the morbid narrative onto the parchment of reality. The week commences with the Moon, the silvery mistress of the night, taking her solemn oath in the austere court of Capricorn on December 18. Mortals beneath the somber skies may find their souls shrouded in a cloak of gravity, the heartbeats resonate with the dire drum of responsibility and long-cherished goals, as ambition courses through the veins, urging one to till the icy soils of discipline, to nurture the seeds of future triumphs.

  • The Mind's Tempest and the Power Struggles: As the echoes of the preceding day reverberate through the cold air, Mercury in the audacious Aries squares Pluto in the stern bastion of Capricorn on December 19. This celestial discord may birth a tempest in the minds of mortals, a realm where hidden truths and suppressed revelations scuttle from the dark crevices into the glaring light of consciousness. This astral tension may beckon the spectres of resistance and opposition to rise from the ashes of bygone convictions, challenging the fortress of one's thought. Yet, within the whirlpool of celestial discord, lies the elixir of transformation, ready to transmute the leaden rigidity of mind into the golden fluidity of enlightenment.
  • The Ethereal Harmony and the Veil of Imagination: As the days inch towards the heart of winter, the veil between the realms shivers when Venus in the fertile Taurus sextiles Neptune in the dream-laden Pisces on December 20. A divine harmony that promises to unlock the gates of imagination and creativity, to let the soul wander through the meadows of intuition and empathy. Amidst the mundane gray, a hue of artistic expression may blossom, painting the canvas of reality with strokes of spiritual and emotional insight, enabling a deeper communion with the essence of one's being and that of others.
  • The Gemini Moon and the Cerebral Confluence: The morrow brings with it the Full Moon in the whimsical Gemini on December 21, casting a silvery glow upon the veil of night that fosters a confluence of minds. A realm where ideas flutter like moths around the flame of curiosity, where the thirst for knowledge and communication burgeons. Yet, amid this cerebral fest, lies the peril of scattering oneself amidst the plethora of thoughts, of losing one's essence in the mirage of trivial pursuits.
  • The Scorpio's Embrace and the Flames of Passion: As the week edges towards its twilight, Mars, the fiery harbinger of vigor, steps into the enigmatic domain of Scorpio on December 22, igniting the cold autumn with the flames of passion and mystery. A slow burn that promises to lead one through the labyrinth of forbidden desires, as the heart throbs with the beat of uncharted mysteries awaiting in the shadows.
  • The Optimistic Horizon and the Adventurous Spirit: With the dawn of December 23, the skies bear witness to Mercury in Aries trining Jupiter in the regal Leo, a celestial harmony that infuses the air with a zest for adventure and a quest for the horizon laden with knowledge and grand ideas. The mind shall soar on wings of optimism, as words flow with a newfound confidence, laced with the sweet nectar of positive attention.
  • The Winter Solstice and the Sun's Solemn Oath: As the week culminates with the Winter Solstice on December 24, the Sun, the golden sovereign of the sky, takes its solemn oath in the austere realm of Capricorn. A herald of a new cycle, where ambition and determination reign supreme. The hearts of mortals may throb with a newfound resolve to toil through the icy paths towards the pinnacles of their aspirations.

Amidst the grand celestial narrative, a plethora of minor aspects weave through the days, each a thread in the intricate tapestry of fate. From Sun in Sagittarius semi-sextile Pluto in Capricorn on December 18, to Sun in Sagittarius sesqui-square Uranus in Taurus on December 23, each chord strums a melody of personal growth, relational adjustments, enhanced mental discipline, and imaginative expression. The celestial symphony plays upon the heartstrings of mortals, orchestrating a saga of mysticism and macabre enlightenment under the melancholy winter sky.

Numerology: As the days unravel their enigmatic shroud, ancient numerals cast their ghostly luminescence upon the mortal sojourn, each harboring cryptic whispers from the abyss of the unknown. Monday, kissed by the tender essence of the numeral 2, composes a hymn of harmony, enthralling hearts to pulsate in a diaphanous unison, to embroider threads of understanding amidst the cacophony of discord that reverberates through the cryptic expanse of existence. Tuesday, consecrated with the vivacious essence of 3, unfurls a burgeoning of creative ardor, beseeching souls to daub their ethereal essence upon the tactile canvas of reality, painting phantasms that dance in the gloaming.

Come Wednesday, ensconced in the stoic embrace of 4, beckons for a cadence of measured strides, a meticulous edification of foundations staunch and indomitable against the relentless tide of entropy. The realm quivers as the sun heralds Thursday, swathed in the effervescent mantle of 5, invoking the zephyrs of metamorphosis, a fluttering of freedom's ethereal wings against the monochrome cage of the quotidian. The hearts, restless, cast their yearning gazes towards the unseen horizon, aching for the eldritch nectar of the unknown.

[Editor's Note - there is a brief disruption of the channel with Madam Lenormand. A chorus of children voices seems to intrude very briefly. Here is that disruption.]

Upon the stage of days, numbers cast light,
In Monday's tender grace, hearts harmonize,
Tuesday’s bloom invites souls to purest height,
While Wednesday’s might, firm foundations prized.

Thursday, the wind of change, restless hearts stir,
Friday’s soft embrace heals spirits torn,
Saturday’s veiled depths, wisdom to confer,
In Sunday’s noble gaze, self-mastery born.

Each day unfolds a path to sacred lore,
Each number holds a key to doors unseen.
Together, they unlock the cosmic core,
And dance upon the strings of life’s grand theme.

In days and numbers, life’s mystique is spun,
A sacred pilgrimage, under stars and sun.

[End of Disruption - The channel with Madam Lenormand resumed as if there was no interruption. No explanation proffered.]

Friday, cradled in the tender arms of 6, sings a siren song, summoning the weary back to the tender cradle of love’s sweet embrace, to the gentle caress of compassion that sews the frayed veils of the spirit. As the cosmic wheel turns, bringing forth Saturday, garbed in the enigmatic veil of 7, it beckons a descent into the cerulean depths of the unseen, a quest for the pearls of wisdom ensconced in the abyssal heart of existence.

With the dawn of Sunday, the air crackles with the commanding aura of 8, summoning forth the indomitable might of purpose, urging the ephemeral spirits to ascend the sublime throne of self-mastery, to wield the scepter of intention with a noble, unyielding heart. Each day, a precarious step upon the serpentine path of self-discovery, each number, an arcane key destined to unlock the enigmatic chambers of potential cradled within the heart’s sacred sanctum. The choreography of days and numbers orchestrates a spell of becoming, a transcendental voyage from the heart’s gentle murmur to the soul’s deafening roar, a pilgrimage from the nascent seed of intention to the grandiose blossom of realization.

Tarot Base: Ah, the Six of Cups from the Grimaud French Tarot, a card replete with the sweet nectar of nostalgia, of tender memories cradled in the soft glow of yesteryears. This week, the veil of time grows thin, allowing the gentle touch of the past to caress the heart, to whisper the ancient songs of joy and camaraderie. The cup’s sweet elixir beckons a return to simplicity, to the pure essence of being that once danced upon the morning’s dew. The card’s tender embrace invites a softening, a gentle nurturing of the heart’s garden, cultivating the flowers of affection and kinship.

In the realm of health, the Six of Cups heralds a call to tend to the inner child, to the delicate bud of innocence that yearns for the sun’s tender kiss. The card’s soft murmurs urge a nurturing of the body’s sacred temple, a return to the wholesome nourishment of earth’s bounty. The journey towards well-being is but a gentle stroll through the meadows of self-love, where each step is a tender caress, each breath, a sweet serenade to the soul’s eternal flame.

In the grand tapestry of earthly relations, the Six of Cups weaves threads of tender understanding, of soft whispers of love that mend the tattered veils of discord. The card’s gentle essence nurtures the bonds of kinship, urging a return to the heart’s pure dwelling, to the sacred realm of unconditional love. In the grander theatre of global events, the Six of Cups bespeaks a collective yearning for peace, for a return to the arms of compassion that cradle the wounds of the world. The card beckons a remembrance of the sacred bond that unites each heart, a celestial harmony that sings the song of hope amidst the shadows.

Tarot Opposition: As the Ring from the Lenormand tarot emerges to counter the tender narrative of the Six of Cups, a saga of commitments and contracts unveils. The Ring, a symbol of unions sealed and promises bound, casts a contrasting light upon the soft hues of the Six of Cups. The world of earthly engagements calls for a discerning eye, for a measured stride amidst the garden of relations. The Ring’s stern call beckons a scrutiny of the ties that bind, urging a discerning gaze upon the agreements that entwine the hearts and souls. The interplay between the soft, retrospective allure of the Six of Cups and the formal, forward-facing nature of the Ring paints a tableau of balance, a dance between the tender meadows of yore and the structured halls of tomorrow.

The Ring’s presence may herald a time of important decisions, of commitments forged or perhaps reevaluated. It calls for a clarity of intention, a firm yet fair hand upon the reins of one’s engagements. In the realm of personal relations, the Ring urges a thoughtful consideration of the vows that bind, of the words that seal the fates of hearts entwined. It calls for a harmonious blend of love’s tender touch and the stern yet fair hand of commitment, forging a union that stands firm amidst the sands of time.

On the grander stage of regional or global theater, the Ring resonates with the chords of diplomacy, of treaties forged amidst the crucible of earthly discourse. It beckons a quest for harmony, for agreements that honor the essence of each party, forging a path towards a collective prosperity. The Ring, with its circular embrace, symbolizes a potential for unity, for a coming together of disparate threads into a tapestry of mutual respect and understanding.

Demonology: The shadows stretch long as the demon President Foras steps forth from the abyss, his realm one of eloquence and long-lost knowledge. His gaze pierces the veil of ignorance, unveiling the ancient tomes of wisdom entwined amidst the roots of the forgotten. The echo of his name may reverberate amidst the hallowed halls of knowledge, drawing the attention of those whose thirst for the arcane drives them to the edge of the abyss. His power, a double-edged scythe, may unveil the sacred, yet also unleash the profane.

Þæs Foras foresittend geþohtas, cirm tō þære mæstrie þāra tunga, tō þære geendung þāra hiddena horda bebyrgeð deop wiþinnan þām sande þære tíde. Giet his geþylde nis þæs beoþ to clypienne lytle, for þære sīþe þe hē trēdeþ wefeþ neah þām scēolde þāra forbodenan rīca. Þā neorxnawange mæg findan hi endelēas on sēcunge þæs perilousan āgnes, þær se prīs þæs andgites mæg gebyrgean þone tol swīþe dēor. Hit is sīþe þæs gymeles þe mon sceal trēdan tō ætlūcan his yfelan gemynd, clūdan þæs eadhmōdes, heorte unswayed be þām sirensange þæs forbodenan lāre. Giet, for þām þe heora geþegnes standaþ fæst, þe heora geþohtas clæne, se wīsdom þāra ylda mæg geendian his scīman folgan.

The earthly realm of Columbia, South Carolina, USA (34.128, -80.993), finds itself amidst the crosshairs of Foras’ gaze. It is here, within the shadowed lanes and ancient halls, that the demon’s essence may manifest, whispering the ancient secrets to those whose ears are tuned to the ether. A caution, a whispered prayer to the guardians of the veil, may serve as a shield against the dark allure, guiding the seekers upon a path of light amidst the shadows.

Angelology: Ah, the gentle breath of heaven descends as Angel Gabriel, the messenger of Divine word, casts his benevolent gaze upon the realm of mortals. His essence, a balm to the turbulent hearts, his message, a lantern amidst the shadows of doubt. Gabriel's realm is one of clarity, of divine communication that bridges the earthly and the celestial. The wings of Gabriel flutter softly upon the winds of virtue, drawing near the hearts that seek the higher path, that yearn for the sweet nectar of divine communion.

Þæs engles Gabriel geþohtas, stream þæs sōþes þe sēceþ tō acwēncan þone þurst þāra sēcera, tō onlīhtenne þā sīþe mid þām rēadum glōwe þæs heofonlican andgites. His geþylde is cirm tō hlīstan, tō geþēodan þā heorte tō þām þēostrum þæs hālogan þe plegaþ ofer þām gesīgan þæs inwittes. His gemynd sēceþ þone eadmōdan, þone clænan heortan, þe heora geþohtas swēgaþ mid þære heofonlican hālwunge. Giet, tō ætlūcan his gōdlican gemynd is acwīdan tō beþyccenne þā heorte, tō cierran þā eare æweg fram þære swētan symfonie þæs heofonlican sōþes. Hit is cēose þe ælc sāwla mæg macian, tō wunian on þām scēade oþþe tō steppan forþ on þæt līht þæs hālogan andgites.

The quaint town of Medora, North Dakota, USA (46.918, -103.536), bathed in the soft glow of the season, finds itself amidst the tender gaze of Gabriel. It is here, amidst the rolling hills and whispering pines, that the celestial message may find a fertile soil, that the whispers of divine truth may echo amidst the heartbeats of the humble. The angel’s presence is a soft caress, a gentle whisper amidst the clamor of earthly toil, a call to the sublime, to the eternal embrace of celestial wisdom.

Divination Method: Ah, the ancient art of Cleromancy, a method of divination by dice or lots, steps forth from the shrouded halls of antiquity into the light of the present week. This method, a dance of chance and fate, unveils the hidden currents that flow beneath the surface of reality, casting a revealing light upon the shadowed corners of existence. The roll of the dice, a leap into the unknown, each facet a reflection of the myriad possibilities that weave the fabric of the now. This method beckons the daring, the seekers of truth willing to cast their fate to the winds of destiny, to unveil the veiled and peer into the abyss of the unknown.

The practitioner of Cleromancy, a solitary seeker, stands upon the threshold of fate, each throw of the dice a step into the uncharted. The practice, a blend of skill and intuition, is often a solitary pursuit, a quiet communion between the seeker and the unseen forces that weave the tapestry of existence. Yet, within the sacred circle of seekers, the art may be passed from master to apprentice, the ancient knowledge flowing like a river through the veins of time. The practitioner may be born with the whisper of fate upon their breath, or may forge their connection through the crucible of diligent practice, each throw of the dice a whispered prayer to the forces of destiny.

The practice of Cleromancy this week beckons a surrender to the unknown, a release of the reins of control, allowing the winds of fate to unveil the hidden vistas of possibility. The roll of the dice is a call to trust, to step forth into the river of existence with a heart unbound, with a spirit attuned to the whispers of the unseen. It is a call to dance amidst the storm of uncertainty, to find the unshakable core of truth that stands firm amidst the ever-changing tides of existence.

Occult Practice: Amidst the enigmatic cadence of time, the ethereal realm of the Kabbalah emerges as the week's occult practice, akin to a phantasmal veil lifting to reveal the ancient, arcane wisdom encased in the celestial dance between the earthly and the divine. The Kabbalah, a venerable tradition, unfolds its ancient scrolls, reminiscent of the tendrils of some eldritch vine, revealing the celestial ladder that beckons the seekers to ascend and descend the sacred rungs, to traverse the spectral veil separating the known from the realms of the unknown. The Kabbalistic tree, a cryptic map of existence, extends its branches into the heavens while its roots burrow deep within the earthen reality, a mystical juxtaposition symbolizing the eternal bond between the corporeal and the incorporeal. The practice, akin to a voyage into the heart of creation, embarks upon a quest to ignite the divine spark dwelling within the core of existence, a journey both eerie and exalted.

The practitioner of Kabbalah, akin to a pilgrim venturing into the unseen, treads upon the hallowed path of sacred letters and divine emanations, weaving the threads of heaven and earth into a tapestry of enlightened understanding, a tapestry that shimmers with the lustrous glow of arcane knowledge. The journey often commences amidst a fellowship of seekers, a sacred communion of souls striving to unveil the divine countenance veiled amidst the shadows of mundane existence. Yet, at the heart of the practice lies a solitary pilgrimage, a journey into the inner sanctum where the eternal flame of wisdom burns bright, an eerie glow amidst the darkness of ignorance.

The practitioner, whether arriving at the sacred grove with a spark of innate understanding, or cultivating the sacred flame through diligent study and contemplation, finds each step upon the path a blossoming of the inner light, a step closer to the esoteric heart of existence.

As the week unfurls its temporal veil, the enigmatic garden of Kabbalah invites a deep delve into the mysteries that beckon from beyond the spectral veil, urging a contemplation of the sacred geometry that weaves the fabric of reality, a geometry eerie in its complexity yet mesmerizing in its divine symmetry. The practice is a call to seek the divine amidst the earthly, to find the sacred symmetry echoing through the halls of existence. It beckons a cultivation of the inner silence, a tuning of the heart to the celestial harmonies playing the song of creation.

Amidst the cacophony of earthly discourse, the Kabbalah emerges as a silent whisper of the divine, a gentle touch of the unseen amidst the tangible, a call to remember the eternal amidst the fleeting. As the eyes of the seekers turn towards the heavens, towards the unseen realms, the fabric of reality shivers with the whispers of ancient wisdom. The Kabbalah, with its sacred letters and divine paths, serves as a compass to navigate the unseen seas, a lantern to illuminate the shadowed paths weaving through the heart of existence. It is a call to seek the sacred amidst the mundane, to hear the celestial symphony playing the song of creation, to find the golden thread of truth weaving the tapestry of existence, a tapestry dark yet resplendent, concealing within its folds the esoteric truths awaiting the discerning eye.

Colors, Foods, and Numbers: In the soft glow of a mystical dawn, let us now turn our gaze towards the earthly hues and divine whispers that color the days and nights of the week to come. The color Gold, a shimmering echo of the divine light, beckons a seeking of wisdom, a quest for the radiant truth that illuminates the shadows of ignorance. The sweet aroma of Cinnamon, a whisper of distant lands and ancient mysteries, calls for a taste of the exotic, a venture into the uncharted realms of sensation and understanding. The number 9, a completion of cycles, a reaching of celestial heights, heralds a culmination, a harvesting of the seeds sown in the gardens of yesteryears.

Yet, amidst the golden glow, there lies a shadow, a whisper of caution amidst the celestial song. The color Floral White, a hue of purity yet also of hidden dangers, cautions against a blind adherence to the unseen, a reminder to tread the path of mysticism with eyes wide open to the earthly reality. The essence of Asafoetida, a potent aroma that unveils hidden truths, warns against the dangers of unbridled curiosity, of a venture into forbidden realms without the shield of wisdom. The number 12, a cosmic cycle, a completion of heavenly cadence, beckons a pause, a moment of reflection before the journey anew, a contemplation of the lessons etched upon the soul by the dance of destiny.

Company to Watch: In the realm of earthly endeavors, the merchant known as Juniper Networks (JNPR) emerges amidst the celestial spotlight, its fate intertwined with the unseen currents that flow through the veins of the week to come. The forces unseen, the whispers of destiny, weave through the halls of this merchant, casting a shadow and light upon its path. The leaders and workers within its hallowed halls find themselves amidst a crucible of transformation, the celestial influences casting a spotlight upon the inner workings, unveiling the hidden corners, the unseen forces that drive the wheel of commerce.

Ah, a dire warning echoes through the ethereal winds, a tale of caution against the hubris that may ensnare the hearts of those who tread the path of earthly gain without a compass of moral integrity. The celestial forces beckon a heed to the whispers of the conscience, to the soft murmurs of ethical engagement that may guide the ship of commerce through the stormy seas of capitalist endeavor. The warning is a poetic tale, a narrative of Icarian ambition that may soar too close to the sun of avarice, risking a fall into the abyss of moral decay.

Yet, amidst the warning, there lies a beacon of hope, a celestial guidance that may lead the merchant through the labyrinth of earthly engagement towards the shores of honorable success. The tale of Juniper Networks is but a reflection of the collective narrative, a microcosm of the earthly theater where the forces of avarice and integrity dance upon the stage of destiny. It is a call to the seekers to tune their hearts to the celestial harmony, to seek the path of honorable engagement amidst the pursuit of earthly gain. The tale of Juniper Networks, a narrative rich with the hues of caution and hope, is a mirror unto the souls of the seekers, a reflection of the choices that carve the path of destiny amidst the sands of time.

I hope this channeling has inspired you to explore your own inner wisdom and to connect with the divine. Ar lotus a vale eus ar bouedenn, o zeskañ dinomp e c'hall kaout kalvez en ur vuhez diaes. Find beauty in suffering. Remember, the future is not fixed, but shaped by your choices and actions. You have the power to create your own destiny, but you also have to face the changes and the challenges of your deeds. Be wise, be brave, and be true to yourself.

This is fantasy fiction. No persons or entities, reputation(s), trademarks, or brand are intended to be besmirched or defamed. The "Strange of the Week" divination and forecast provided herein is intended solely for entertainment purposes. The insights and predictions shared are based on mystical and occult practices, and should not be taken as factual or guaranteed outcomes. Please be advised that our counsel does not constitute professional advice of any kind. We are not qualified to provide legal, medical, or investment advice, and our insights should not be used as a substitute for your own research or professional advice from qualified practitioners. Any actions taken based on our divinations and forecasts are at your own discretion and risk. We accept no liability or responsibility for any actions taken or not taken as a result of our channeling. Furthermore, we do not guarantee the accuracy, relevance, timeliness, or completeness of any information provided. We disclaim all warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability. By engaging with our "Strange of the Week" divination and forecast, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless the mystic, their agents, any affiliated parties, and any non-living, otherworldly, or supernatural entities involved in the provision of our counsel from any and all claims, liabilities, damages, losses, or expenses, including attorneys' fees and costs, arising out of or in any way connected with your access to or use of our counsel. Please note that any interactions with non-living, otherworldly, or supernatural entities are at your own risk. We do not accept any liability for any consequences, physical, mental, spiritual, or otherwise, that may result from such interactions. We reserve the right to enhance and retroactively apply changes to this disclaimer (as a living thing), without notice, to accommodate new and emerging or creative legal theories (not to be limited to defamation or the law of torts). Again, the "Strange of the Week" is a fiction. It is unfortunate that such legal armor is necessary proof against itchy and scratchy attorneys-at-law.


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