Hacking Governments With Hijacked Sites

hackerMalicious code planted within compromised Wed pages has become the latest method for attackers targeting government organizations, according to research from security firm Zscaler, V3.co.uk reported April 21. The firm discovered many government-affiliated Web sites with code that directs users to attack servers.

The most recent site to become infected was that of the French budget minister. It was found to contain obfuscated Javascript code that sends the user to a third party site and then attempts to exploit vulnerabilities and install malware on the targeted system. The attack is the latest in what Zscaler sees as a string of site hijackings aimed at government-controlled domains.

Researchers noted previous attacks on systems in the United States, Austria, and Malaysia. Zscaler’s chief executive believes the attacks are the work of state-sponsored operations aimed at infecting government workers and other high-value targets. A Zscaler security researcher said organizations often leave a few of their less popular sites and portals poorly maintained and protected, leaving a back door open for attackers.

Source: Hackers Targeting Government with Hijacked Sites - http://www.v3.co.uk/v3-uk/news/2169452/hackers-targeting-governments-hijacked-sites

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