Seeker's Deep

In the dim recesses of an ancient abode, a curious seeker delves into the enigmatic realms of self and the observer mind. In this introspective poem, we explore the mystique of an encounter with a scholar in the throes of slumber, seeking to capture the essence of their profound wisdom and unspoken fears. As we venture through cobwebbed halls and witness the power of mindful self and it's observer, we find ourselves immersed in a world where brilliance and darkness collide. Through poetic verse, we aim to convey the haunting allure of intellectual brilliance and the horrors that lie hidden from ourselves.


In shadowed rooms, where musings dwell,
I recollect that night so fell,
When time stood still, and whispers crept,
While my scholar soundly slept.

Through cobwebbed halls, I made my way,
A curious soul, seeking to sway
The learned mind with knowledge deep,
And secrets I should wish to keep.

The clock struck twelve, the hour grew late,
As I approached my study's gate.
A chance to glimpse my thoughts profound,
A glimpse of wisdom so renowned.

In hallowed silence, there I stood,
My heart with awe and wonderhood.
My figure slumbered, calm and still,
While I, my dreams, did seek to fill.

A pen and parchment I did wield,
To capture thoughts, both truth and yield,
Of the learned one, sage divine,
Whose wisdom in my heart did shine.

Yet in my dreams, a darkness stirred,
A realm of nightmares undeterred.
A glimpse into my inner fears,
Of terrors lurking, bringing tears.

As morning broke, I took my leave,
A memory I'd ne'er retrieve.
For in that room, where wisdom lay,
A haunting presence seemed to stay.

A reminiscence, bittersweet,
Of keen mind, my thoughts replete,
Forever etched within my soul,
The glimpse of genius, taking its toll.



Pragmatic Journey is Richard (rich) Wermske's life of recovery; a spiritual journey inspired by Buddhism, a career in technology and management with linux, digital security, bpm, and paralegal stuff; augmented with gaming, literature, philosophy, art and music; and compassionate kinship with all things living -- especially cats; and people with whom I share no common language.