2023 Week 32

Discover the intricate tapestry of astrological alignments, the profound vibrations of numerology, the whispered secrets of the Tarot, and the dualistic interplay of angelic and demonic forces. What methods and occult practices that shall shape this transformative week? We'll delve into the mysteries of colors, foods, and numbers that wax and wane in power. All this and more awaits you, a treasure trove of wisdom and insight, a symphony of astral energies that beckon you to both expand and introspect. Step forth, for the path ahead is fraught with both peril and promise.

2023 Week 31

Embark upon a mystical voyage through the unseen realms as the veil thins between the mortal and the divine. The week of July 28 unfolds a tapestry of celestial whispers, ancient runes, and spectral influences. Seekers, heed the celestial choreography, for in the dance of destiny lies veiled omens. Venture with us through the pages of the ancient, as the stars pen the fate of men and merchants alike. Let the primal chords of the ancient runes resonate within, as we unveil the mystic narrative of Week 31.

2023 Week 30

Unveil the tapestry of the unseen as Week 30 unfolds its arcane mysteries. Traverse celestial pathways with Astrology; unveil the numeric dance with Numerology. The Tarot whispers secrets, while Demonology and Angelology narrate the cosmic duel. Tasseomancy unveils messages in coffee whispers; Magic opens doors of the occult. Colors, foods, and numbers entwine with destiny; CSX Corp. sails upon mystic tides. Journey through a realm where the mundane and mystical dance to the rhythm of destiny, awaiting your discerning gaze in the Strange of the Week.

2023 Week 29

Unravel the mysteries that week 29 of 2023 veils within the celestial dance and ancient numbers. As planets align in cryptic symbolism, tarot cards reveal hidden narratives, and unseen forces both benign and nefarious, unveil their intent. Join Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand on a mystical journey through time-honored divination practices to uncover the veiled paths of destiny. Embark on a macabre exploration of cosmic whispers, and let the Strange of the Week guide you through the unseen tapestry of existence.

2023 Week 28

In the clandestine embrace of night's veiled silken shadows, we traverse the realms of the unknown, a foray into the mystic spheres where the corporeal meets the incorporeal, where the veils thin and whispers of bygone eras murmur in the stillness. Are you ready to embark upon this phantasmal journey to divine the enigmatic forces that beckon from the abyss? Our souls, buoyed by the ethereal winds of inquiry, shall venture through the veiled veil of existence, into the heart of the enigmatic, therein to behold the strange of the week, as the cosmos unveils its mystic tableau before our very senses.

2023 Week 27

Lifting the veil as the moon wanes, the 27th week unfurls mysteries profound and eerie. Through ancient arts and celestial ballet, seekers shall find paths illuminated in ethereal hues. Tarot whispers of earthly gain, while demon and angel, Ronové and Raguel, play their ethereal game. Wicca's gentle hand and Uromancy's eerie glance pierce the mundane trance. Colors, foods, numbers beckon, while Deere & Co. unfolds a spectral lesson. As days wane, embrace the arcane, in Week 27, the mystic dance gains.

2023 Week 26

Amidst the boundless canvas of the cosmos, lies a tapestry of mystic threads weaving through the veil of existence, narrating tales of the unknown to the hearts that dare to venture into the abyss. This week, in the Strange of the Week 26, we delve into the arcane realms exploring Astrology, Arithmancy, Tarot, and other mysterious practices. As we meander through the labyrinth of mysticism, we shall uncover hidden truths, illuminating the path of macabre enlightenment for the seekers of the strange and the unknown.

2023 Week 25

Do you want to know what the stars have in store for you in week 25 of 2023? Do the hidden forces that shape your destiny interest you? Are you prepared to discover the secrets of the occult and the divine? If so, then you've found what you are seeking. Join me as I channel Madame Lenormand, the most famous fortune-teller of the 19th century. She reveals the secrets of the stars, the numbers, the cards, and more. Discover what lies ahead for you in this week or do not... the choice is yours.

2023 Week 24

Plunge into the arcane secrets awaiting in Week 24, 2023, as guided by the ethereal whisperings of Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand. The heavens speak through Astrology, while numbers reveal fates in Numerology. Tarot cards whisper the unseen currents of the week, as we dare to peer into the intentions of celestial and demonic entities dwelling in Demonology and Angelology. Traverse the realms of the occult through Graphology and Remote Viewing, unveiling the unseen. Week 24 is a cryptic dance between the earthly realm and the mystic, each day a step into the profound unknown.

2023 Week 23

Embark upon a mystic sojourn through the veiled tapestry of the cosmos in the ‘Strange of the Week 23’. Traverse the delicate dance of stars, unfurl the whispers of tarot, unveil the cryptic dialogues of numbers, and wander through the enigmatic realms of the occult. Each veil lifted unveils a narrative, rich with the essence of the arcane, awaiting to intertwine with the threads of your fate. Discover the divinations that resonate with ancient rhythms and let the eerie yet captivating veil of mysticism envelop your senses as you traverse through the predicted oddities of the week. The obscure beckons, will you heed the call?


Pragmatic Journey is Richard (rich) Wermske's life of recovery; a spiritual journey inspired by Buddhism, a career in technology and management with linux, digital security, bpm, and paralegal stuff; augmented with gaming, literature, philosophy, art and music; and compassionate kinship with all things living -- especially cats; and people with whom I share no common language.