2023 Week 22

Unveil the mysteries of the forthcoming days through the lens of celestial ballet, as the week of May 29 to June 4, 2023 unfolds its arcane narrative. Beneath the Gemini Sun, intellect intertwines with eloquence, while Venus in Aries ignites flames of passionate encounters. Venture into the heart of mysticism, as we dissect the cosmic dance to predict the unpredictable, illuminating the dark corners of the week with the ethereal glow of divination. Through scrying glass and tarot's ancient whisper, we delve into the unseen, unmasking the enigmatic face of fate. Do you have the courage to explore the future?

2023 Week 21

Take a look behind the curtain. The other side beckons the seekers of the obscure to traverse the mystical veil into the realms of celestial, numerological, and arcane wisdom. Guided by the spirit of the 19th-century polymath Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand, every whisper of the cosmos, every dance of the stars, and every echo of numbers unfolds a narrative of profound divination. Traverse the ethereal paths of ancient practices, as the celestial ballet narrates the grandiloquent tale of destiny. Your journey through the enigmatic tapestry of existence awaits.


Pragmatic Journey is Richard (rich) Wermske's life of recovery; a spiritual journey inspired by Buddhism, a career in technology and management with linux, digital security, bpm, and paralegal stuff; augmented with gaming, literature, philosophy, art and music; and compassionate kinship with all things living -- especially cats; and people with whom I share no common language.