Atlas Embarrassed

Atlas Shrugged, the behemoth magnum opus of Ayn Rand's dubious philosophical entanglement she termed 'Objectivism', sits high atop the edifice of the grand American novel - more as a gargoyle than an angel. This beloved monolith of libertarian thought, this titan of the conservative canon, is, it pains me to report, a literary debacle of the first order. It possesses the dubious quality of being as monochromatic in its characterizations as it is dogmatic in its ideological discourse.

What is Liberal?

Liberalism is a prominent and multifaceted political ideology that has significantly shaped the sociopolitical dynamics of the modern world. This ideology encompasses a broad spectrum of philosophical perspectives, all sharing a common commitment to individual liberty, but diverging in their understanding of its practical implications. The various branches of liberalism—classical, social, neoliberal, green, cultural, radical, conservative, liberal feminism, liberal socialism, and libertarianism—provide a rich tapestry of thought to explore.

Debt Ceiling Constitutionality

Is the Debt Ceiling, on it's face, unconstitutional? Does Section 4 of the 14th Amendment of the Constitution of the United States silence the Debt Ceiling debate?

The music of the Constitution's words often reverberates in my mind, each note a promise, each melody an aspiration, and each harmony a testament to our shared commitment to our nation's ideals. The Fourteenth Amendment, with its Section 4, is one such melody, inviting us to reflect upon our nation's debts, their validity, and the question of the debt ceiling.

Polarization in American Society

Polarisation (polarization) is a major challenge facing American society today. Polarisation is the increasing division of society into two or more opposing groups or blocs, each with its own set of beliefs, values, and goals. In the United States, polarisation is most evident in the political arena, where the two major parties, the Democrats and the Republicans, have become increasingly divided on a wide range of issues. This division can make it difficult to find common ground and solve problems.

Ethics in Journalism, A Cathartic Exercise

The relationship between journalism and Trump has been a contentious one since he first entered the political arena. Trump has repeatedly attacked the media, calling it "the enemy of the people" and accusing it of spreading "fake news." He has also refused to cooperate with journalists, often refusing to answer their questions or even acknowledging their presence.

Trump Exhaustion

In this tumultuous epoch of political discord, a strange and insidious malady has taken hold of our collective consciousness. It is a spectral shadow, a haunting apparition that lingers in the minds of many. It has been given a name - "Trump Exhaustion." This ominous term is used to describe a peculiar kind of mental fatigue, a weary lassitude induced by the incessant barrage of news, controversies, and vitriolic rhetoric associated with the figure of former President Donald Trump.

The Plummeting Credibility of SCOTUS

When the hallowed halls of the Supreme Court echo not with the sound of justice, but with the whispers of doubt and mistrust, we are all lessened. We are all dimmed when the beacon of our nation's justice system, the esteemed Supreme Court, is tinged with a loss of credibility.

The court that has, for generations, stood as a symbol of fairness, of equality, of justice, cannot afford to lose the trust of the people. For it is not merely the court that stands to lose, it is the very fabric of our democracy.

Endtimes for the Rule of Law

There is a bittersweet understanding in the heart of society, a tacit agreement, that the rule of law is the bedrock of order, the linchpin of justice, the very essence of freedom. Yet, when this unspoken pact is fragmented, when the rule of law is cast aside, society, like a river losing its banks, spills into an unfamiliar territory, a place where liberty becomes an elusive concept and justice a phantom of its former self.

Elegy for He Who Was, Elon Musk

In the solemn realm of remembrance, I gather my opinions to pay homage to a figure who once stood tall and respected amongst us; yet now, I believe, has fallen into the chasm of obnoxious transgressions. Once revered, now repulsed; once loved, now loathed; I trace the arc of this being's existence, from glory to ignominy, with a heavy heart and a mourning soul.  This reflective discourse is a personal journey through the shifting sands of admiration for a public figure once held in high esteem. This composition is not a rallying cry to change minds, nor a clandestine attempt to tarnish reputations. It is but an honest reflection, an exploration of sentiments altered.

Mental Health, A Fallacy of the Single Cause

In the delicate tapestry of human experience, we must look beyond our borders to understand the weight of the gun violence that burdens our great nation. A sorrowful song weaves itself across the world, yet our own land echoes with a thunderous cacophony of pain and loss. The United States, a land of dreams and promise, finds itself entangled in a storm of gun violence that far surpasses the struggles faced by other developed countries.

Common-Sense Gun Regulations, A Moral Imperative

In our sun-drenched land, a nation that births dreams and sets souls alight with passions and aspirations, there exists a specter, a haunting presence that casts its shadow over the lives of the innocent. A menace that steals the breath of mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters, whose very whispers tremble in the air, reverberating the chilling sound of gunfire. This specter is the plague of gun violence, an affliction that has seeped into the very marrow of the United States, leaving scars upon our collective memory.

Redfall Falls Flat

In that eldritch year, when the shadows of a delayed release hung over the doomed town of Redfall, the anticipation and disquietude intermingled like the mist in the night air. The fateful hour was postponed from the Summer of 2022 to the eerie month of September, Anno Domini 2023. Amidst the whispers of trepidation, the acolytes of Arkane Austin laboured to forge their most ambitious creation hitherto, a game that would transcend the boundaries of their previous incantations, such as Prey and Dishonored.

Russian War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity

In the dim and foreboding annals of human strife, a sinister and ongoing war inflicted upon a proud and noble Ukrainian people by the festering pustulant of suffering, President Putin. This dire conflict, known as the Russo-Ukrainian War, has plagued the hapless nations of Ukraine and Russia since the morrow of February 2014. The tumultuous strife followed the cataclysmic events of the Ukrainian Revolution of Dignity. Russia and its malignant tendrils reached out to envelop the fates of both Crimea and the shadowy realm of the Donbas, territories whose allegiance is claimed by the beleaguered Ukraine.

Favorite Genre of Fiction

Speculative fiction, my dear seeker, is a realm of endless possibilities—a playground for the imagination where the wildest of dreams come to life. Within its folds, you'll find worlds of science fiction, fantasy, and horror, where the mundane rules of everyday existence shatter and give way to the extraordinary. But how does one sift through the glittering sands of this literary landscape to find that elusive, shining nugget of gold—the genre that resonates most deeply with one's soul?

Tucker Carlson's Fall

In the shadowy realm of media, where lies and deceit often reign supreme, there dwelt a man of unspeakable infamy—a host of the Fox News Channel, whose soul resonated with the darkness that pervades the most sinister corners of human thought. This man, Tucker Carlson by name, brought forth from the abyss a cacophony of conspiracy theories and malevolent ideas, casting a thick fog of despair upon the minds of those who dared to gaze into the dread abyss of his nightly program.

Dystopic Poetry Across Three Cultures

In this poetic effort, I have expressed the same ideas and images in three different languages - English, Arabic, and Hebrew.

The poem paints a vivid picture of a dystopian world where the noise of the masses, the roar of flying vehicles, and the beats of modern rock music are constant. The streets are filled with vendors selling their wares, while the cries of suffering rise from the victims of rape gangs.


Pragmatic Journey is Richard (rich) Wermske's life of recovery; a spiritual journey inspired by Buddhism, a career in technology and management with linux, digital security, bpm, and paralegal stuff; augmented with gaming, literature, philosophy, art and music; and compassionate kinship with all things living -- especially cats; and people with whom I share no common language.